How The Modern Dictatorship Work It
(And As I Have Discovered Them!)
The Mass Irradiation: Everywhere, Direct Energy Weapons




In this chapter the photos and the videos are all attacks with electromagnetic weapons that they are against the environment then they are against all people!

From the various revelations that I made it, I have discovered that the irradiation was not always selective against of me, they hit also the persons that are around me and continuing the revelations I have discovered that there is an overabundance of radiant weapons and this doesn't depend only from the gang stalker in possession of this weapons that they have generally a specific target to chase and to hit.
Then it is obvious from the revelations, that there are, besides the mobile unit, preventive works on the territory, where are been fix up direct energy weapons.
The weapons are everywhere and I have revealed it everywhere, where I am moving myself, then it is thinkable that the weapons are present completely the national territory and not only.
This huge work cannot be considered caused by gang stalker, but a work that it has been conceived at high level of our society, of which it is difficult to think that the State has revealed ever nothing and that it neither is unaware, then it is obvious the collusion between public and private high-ranking and a reciprocal utilization of the gang stalker mercenary.
There is a action of a constant irradiation on the territory, that it is in some revelations, it is absolutely clear, then the people is continuously irradiated, that it are subjected unaware at a very elevated electromagnetic and radioactive pollution, produced voluntarily to our damage.
The motivation of this mass irradiation is dark, for who undergoes him, because the majority of the peoples are quiet and we are not in a dangerous protest motion moment or revolutionary of every type.
The motivation is to assume, then an attack on the people in massive form, do to think that, of fact, there are good motivation to create motion of dangerous protest or revolutionary, only which most people do not know the motivations to make it, then they are acting in preventive form, if it will leak out something: then to make the unworring people, or to be ready to block easily a revolution when will be it born?
It exist also the establishment of the notorious NEW ORDER, which it is, in the practice, still in the darkness. What in confusion it is leaked out, it is a horrifying future, which it has as target the GLOBAL BIG BROTHER and the GLOBAL BIG SISTER (to look at the chapter: the Mental Chip, the Anteroom of the Apocalypse).
Then it is also possible that this NEW ORDER will be not accepted, because it will use methods no ethic, (to look at the chapter: The Mental Chip, the Anteroom of the Apocalypse) when it will be clear to all they are beforehand preparing to make drowsy the persons or to block every contrast with facility.
Another possible motivation is that the State and certainly not only our, it is not in more in degree of guaranteeing the fundamental right, to absence of money. The constant increase of the duration of the life, it would can to produce a superior crisis at a level that it do not acceptable in Europe; so it don't become a third world country, with the irradiation they are looking for of reducing or doesn't make increase the duration of the life, producing a saving for the State and to avoid a certain bankruptcy: then to economic justify, we have a mass genocide from the State against its people.
The second hypothesis, which is on the necessity to sacrifice oneself to save the future and the young that will come them, the adopted method points out all the no moral and politics incapacity, a condition of a schizophrenic psychosis of who govern. Then it is ridiculous the guardianship of the life to every cost (because also the death has his decisive role in the guarantee the survival) fighting the abortion, the euthanasia, the drugs and more and after it to be obligated us to organize a mass genocide: it is this, the proof that they have a sick mind and schizophrenic! The guardianship of the life is democratic and it is not neither useful neither moral apply the same rule to the death. Death is no meritocratic and the winner is the more weak, the more useless, so it is useful in this plan to help all volunteers, who want the euthanasia and the abortion, who is weak and search a shelter in the drugs, it is more right to say, that a modern State doesn't is possible to move slowly then it is not are possible to impose of the speed limits and more other … it is impossible to judge neither ethics, neither moral, neither the well a democratic death that it is possible only to obtain it with a mass genocide.

Now the revelations on the territory that shows this dreadful crime and the territorial diffusion of these weapons …

I want to remember you that the lights that I have commented it, these are all invisible to the human eyes


The first video [(13)30marzo2009-2212] shows the red lightings in Daneo Street of Turin from direct energy weapons. I think about that the red lighting was a reflection from the wall build then the attack came from another side so it was hitting the people inside the homes without they knew it, but if it is not thus, in the city there are build everywhere , so however anyone is hitting.


To Look at First Video [(13)30marzo2009-2212]

The second video [(16)21maggio2009-2151] shows Traiano Road in Turin. You can see red light flashes and the famous build Fiat Company in background. In the perpendicular way, the cars were passing there and then clearly, the drivers and the passengers inside the cars, they were hitting them too.


To Look at Second Video [(16)21maggio2009-2151]

The third video [(18)28maggio2009-2243] shows red lightings come from Traiano Road of Turin, this road is perpendicular with Daneo Street that it can see in the third video. In fact, I have filmed on the balcony of my home; any cars were passing there, which obviously they were been hit them too.


>To Look at Third video [(18)28maggio2009-2243]

In fourth video (17_04_2010-1939), some moment before the sunset, seeing darkens sky-blue color that it tinges the adjacent palaces at my home, which they are around the courtyard, making evident the irradiation on the people. With this system of detection is possible to individualize the direction of the ray, that it is the stitch where the anomalous brightness is bigger.


To Look at Fourth Video (17_04_2010-1939)

I do not succeed to locate a stitch with brightness I have thought about a produced reflex from a fire stitch in the opposite direction.
I am gone in the opposite side of my house, detecting the attack direction, as you can see in the fifth video.


To Look at Fifth Video 17_04_2010-1945

It is improbable that the culprit is a mobile unit about the irradiation, it has an elevated power, this does to think that the weapons is been put in the subsoil in the area between front house and the building FIAT in the background.
The fire stitch is behind the house that you can see, and then it is difficult to understand the exact fire stitch; this is evident from much other video too.
It is more probable that the weapons is been put between the FIAT building and the house in the center, in half there are two roads and a wide parking. This is a possibility however but it is not sure. In fact, the various done video, they make to think that the fire stitch is not always in the same stitch, and then it is possible to deduce the utilization of more weapons and in some videos seem that the weapon would be in the FIAT building, as you can see in this video.
In these two photo, obtained from the sixth video (18_03_10_2027) are been indicated two windows with a white arrow that they are reddened, while this do not happen for the other windows, indicating the presence of a radiation, this do to think that the weapons is into that office or more probably on the roof over the room.


To Look at Sixth Video 18_03_10_2027.AVI

The seventh video is seen a lot of reddening of the image determined from the direct energy weapons, (that apparently in some point seem, erroneously, caused by the stop light of the cars, however the red light is revealed also when there are not the cars), as you can to note, that it is present completely in the run. The attack has not the appearance to be direct against my person but it is hitting everywhere with unknown logic to me.

At the beginning it is visible in the video a red point in the window, this is the reflection of the button for the stop booking, that it can to confuse us in the following phase of the video where instead will see with certitude the ray of direct energy weapons comes out from a window.
The emission of a radiant weapon, which it is behind the window into the house in the cross of Tazzoli Road and Agnelli Road, initially I have exchanged the radiation for the reflection of the button of booking stop: confirming again the validity of this revelation type.

In this point of the video (to min 01, 31) the sound make to understand that the doors has been closed and we do not hear the request bell, then the red light of the booked stop is in this moment extinguished, then the red light arrives from after the window!
In this point of the video (to min 01, 33) light is round and it is not directed against of me, in fact, not there is the reddening of the image, who is it hitting? Certainly, he is hitting another target that in that moment is on the tram.
In this point of the video (always to min 01, 33) the little round light is divided, produced effect by grating before to the window that in the darkness it is not visible, to hide the stalker.
Immediately after (to min 01, 34) there is the confirmation, in fact, we can to seen the ray is hitting the glass of the tram, obtaining two points, while before was visible only one and the ray more probably was covered by the tree.
The weapon (to min 01, 35) in this the moment is extinguished.
The weapon (to min 01, 36) is been sudden reactivated,

To Look at Seventh Video [(24)17dicembre2009-2024 linea 10]

The eighth video [(25)19gennaio2010-1954 linea 10] is visible an attack on the 10 tram, that it is revealed instrumentally, shown by the reddening of the image. The attack comes from the fixed posts in left side of tram and it does not come from the cars that are running the road, which clearly irradiates everyone are passing here and everyone are into the tram.


To Look at Eighth Video [(25)19gennaio2010-1954 linea 10]

The ninth video [(26)27agosto2008-1001 metro Torino] shows an attack with direct energy weapons with another revelation by detector in all way of the underground of Turin, which clearly hits all passengers besides me. These attacks have compelled me to may not use the underground.


To Look at Ninth Video [(26)27agosto2008-1001 metrò Torino]

The tenth video [(27)14luglio2009-1605 linea 33] shows an attack with direct energy weapons with another revelation by detector in the thirty-three bus, with a different typology attack. To avoid obtaining an evident signal of the instrument, the gang stalker increased slowly the intensity of the electromagnetic field and after it is been maintained constant to high levels, that clearly they are hitting all passengers besides me. It is another effect obtained by fixed posts on the ground, in fact, the increase of the field by vary measurements was always in the same places.


To Look at Tenth Video [(27)14luglio2009-1605 linea 33]

Now we can to see the revelations from out town of Turin, to show that this diffusion and the use of direct energy weapons involves every place of our territory, as also the confirmation by experience other persons.

In the Train, Milan – Turin Way

The eleventh video [(28)14dicembre2009-0114 treno MI-TO] I am on the train in the Milan Turin way; we can see the used chromatic variation, which it included red, green and sky-blue colors.


To Look at Eleventh Video [(28)14dicembre2009-0114 treno MI-TO]

Italian-French Boundary (Fréjus Tunnel)

The twelfth video [(29)16agosto2009-1206 traforo del Fréjus] shows an attack into Fréjus tunnel in the Italian-French boundary, more probably from other cars.


To Look at Twelfth Video [(29)16agosto2009-1206 traforo del Fréjus]

Mira (Venice)

In the thirteenth video [(30)13febbraio2009-0231 Mira (Ve)] shows a night attack in Mira (Venice) with the COBAS center of Paolo Dorigo (other target and activist against this torture form). In the video is possible to note clearly that the attack arrives from left side with the typical reddening, while in the right side, it is happened nothing.


SLAI Cobas to the class syndicate

To Look at Thirteenth Video [(30)13febbraio2009-0231 Mira (Ve)]


Now you can to seen some video recorded in the Milano town in the Navigli zone.

The fourteenth video [(31)8marzo2010-1841 Milano] in a home an interception by detector of a ray to low intensity and in the end the cessation of the red light that it remains for all video, more probably the attack is arrived in contemporary from the house in front of and from the lower plans.


To Look at Fourteenth Video [(31)8marzo2010-1841 Milano]

The fifteenth video [(33)8marzo2010-1849_Milano] shows always in the same Milan house and I have recorded an irradiation that it come up from the lower plans.


To Look at Fifteenth Video [(32)8marzo2010-1843 Milano]

The sixteenth video [(33)8marzo2010-1849_Milano] shows always in the same Milan house and I have recorded an irradiation that it comes from the palaces on the other hand of the house.


To Look at Sixteenth Video [(33)8marzo2010-1849 Milano]

The seventeenth video [(34)8marzo2010-2339 Milano] shows a chromatic variation of the red in the house opposite, it is more probably the radiation, they was shooting on the walls from the build in the opposite side where they are irradiating the Navigli zone of Milan.


To Look at Seventeenth Video [(34)8marzo2010-2339 Milano]

The eighteenth video [(35)9marzo2010-0040 Milano] shows the building from where they are shooting the irradiation toward the Navigli zone of Milan and that it have determined the diffusion of the radiation in the video ( 34 )8marzo2010-2339 Milano.


To Look at Eighteenth Video [(35)9marzo2010-0040 Milano]