How The Modern Dictatorship Work It
(And As I Have Discovered Them!)
How a Alone and Indigent Person Has Made Falling Back an Army!




It is my desire to communicate my experience to other persons so the victims will can to fall back them to positions more myths also if you will not may remove totally.
In the first phase, I did not understand the force of the opponent and I thought more dangerous in relation of how it is. Then from my experience, I have made any mistakes, which if I would have not make it, now my situation should be better.
For example, a day, I am gone to a bank to change an allowance of the salary, so it was entered a man before me with a weapon into the bag and then he irradiated me, after it entered a woman when he got out it and she did the same. If I would have reacted at presence of witnesses and I would have showed the weapons, I would have could demonstrate the persecution in concrete mode. Other situations have been happened it on the coaches, in the parks, etcetera...
In that time, my problem was, as they would have reacted against me by reprisal. I remember myself that they have tried to kill me in more times, and then I did not know what I did about; I had not the idea of enemy characteristic. Then I preferred not to react and this choice was been a great mistake. In fact, after the opposites had understood, which I better have known their weakness; they will attempt never to make the acts so evident.

What to Make and What Not to Make

Let you make never the victim, because when you more draw back selves, they advance and they will hit us, instead you more will be immobile, they more draw back selves.

You is must understand that what they make it, it is illicit and it is against every social and civil rule, then they are afraid that anyone discover them.

They use above all common persons that they do not want to remit, then you will surrender never otherwise, it will be worse!

I insult them constantly and all their relatives in very hard form, without saving and without any regard. It is true, in the immediate they shoot more, but this is a psychological war, so you breaks the enemy when you show at them that every their action is vain and useless and every attack must supply to you an excuse in more to fight it.

We remember ourselves that the opposites are idiots in practice, act in animal form, and they react thus. They ever have fear because they know which they may not make what they do it and then your firmness ever is perturbation for them.

My personal case shows that they are too idiots. In fact, they are persecuting me for my book, which calmly they could to buy it and never publish it or to simulate an theft at my home to disappear the book and I never will have a suspects about, instead they have preferred to make the unique way that give me a vantage, for my lucky: the war!

You must to move everywhere with weapons, because if you react them, physically, they would hit you. To avoid the real weapon because it may to have not in open air, it is illegal, so you buy anti-aggression spray.

You have trust nobody if he is a friend too. You do not give the telephone number to anyone. It is sure; they ever are following you and they are spying you: you look at all around.

The rays go across a mirror and it reflect them in part, so you use it to hit, who shoot you, or another persons, which they do not know it so they would lament, this act will compel them to reduce the energy of directed energy weapons.

Your enemies are the persons around you: nears of house, work colleagues, etcetera...

They will get into your homes, if they think about it is necessary; really, you cannot avoid this it, because they can open the doors without to force open it so it is necessary to act in mode that we understand it when they enter into the home. If you have not the money to buy an alarm system, it is possible to use this way; you procure it an ancient stamp, a padlock, a small chain and of the ribbon of white paper. You stick a side of chain at an immobile thing in sure mode; if you use the padlock to block it, put in the loctite glue into the lock of padlock, so it is impossible to open it. When you get out to home, roll up the chain at the handle of the door, close the chain with the padlock, after you wrap the ribbon of white paper at the chain, at handle and at padlock, making one moustache of ribbon of white paper, finally, you stamp it on the moustache with the ancient stamp.

Generally, their attacks are made to not sleep to weary you, when they do not make to sleep you, you make to sleep no one, because the near of house are accomplices too. Our purpose is to show evident that their protection does not protect it instead they do more bad the quiet life. You get up you and turn on the television to maximum volume and you make the same by radio.

Personally, when they hit me, I put on a radio in the sink to all volume, with the speaker unloads to disturb the palace whole, I cover the radio with the dirty dresses to reduce the loudness; I push the plugs for ears and return to sleep. When they are exaggerating, I exceed; I turn on many radios with high volume or I connect the microphone at the amplifier with the speakers on the floor and against the wall and I shoot a Larsen at 100db. None was lamenting, I ever did not see policemen or other persons, they know to have wrong so suffer and pray the persecutors of to be good, then you win it a little.

For you are preferable not to sleep a night, which to sleep never.

It is truth, that my case is singular; they must show it that the noises disturb me so they cannot render official it, which I make loudness, anyone consider if this technique is profit for your case.

it is besides from adding, which the persons are interesting a cases as mine from a great deal of time, they tell that there are only two persons in Europe to have the proof of directed energy weapons attacks: a French and I. Obviously, this situation does me, a person less vulnerable and then I advise at all, to create a proof of personal documentation, with the methods that I have explained in the chapter: how to reveal the direct energy weapons.

They may see into the homes and to have optic detector for bug is useless, the bags are exceeded methods.

However, there is the probability of a graft of microchip in the body, event that it is possible to happen with any medical treatment under anesthetic or from the dentist or with a kidnapping with the simulation of a crime as a rape or other.

The Cellular Telephone and the Computer. The Cellular Telephone and the Computer. The enemy is equipped well so they can manipulate your cellular telephone and computer at distance. They can hear what you are telling it, can read your messages and can open your files. There is not a real defense; at least which if one is an expert to operative system of computer. You can do little for cellular telephone. I can give you some useful advice for who is user only of computer, in fact; they have made to disappear more of hundreds files, which were the persecution proofs, so I have must to invent a method to defense from them. The anti-virus and the anti-spy have few profit; they can neutralize them, because for to use the computer you must connect at internet and in this moment, they rub us. You buy the operative system, format the hard disk, and install it. You connect at internet never, make never the updating and you save it only that it is sure. If this is impossible and have not the operative system, they already rub you. You do not use the hard disk to store the files but only to work it also if it is profit to have one copy in it. You buy two mobile hard disks and save your work in both. Two mobile hard disks must never to connect with computer at the same time so if they make disappear a file in one, you have a copy in another hard disk. You write the quantity of the files that there are in every folder so immediately you can to discovery if there is a lack. Two hard disks must be twins then they must be equal for informatics tree and quantity of files stored. You make minimum two copy of informatics tree and of all files, in this exceed, it is vital. The moment more dangerous is when you turn on the computer, so if the computer do new thing, let you worry it. This is the dangerous moment, you must end the work in one time, if you must do a break, you do not turn off the computer instead you save the work and suspend the computer if you leave it a little time. You uninstall the wireless device and the lan connections device and remote desktop and all printers that you have not installed it. You set the computer to can see the extension of files and the hidden file, when you discover the anomaly file then let you delete it. You use cut command never, instead use the copy command so before you control that purpose operation is good and after to delete the file that you have copied: it is slow but it is certainly. How you must to make your work. You save the files in the computer from the photo machine, ever using copy command and after disconnect it with the files stored in the photo machine. In computer, you write the quantity of files that you save it in the folder, with the date, example: 180609 35, then there are 35 files in the computer and in the photo machine. You put in order the proofs for place where happens the attack, example in the street, in house, etcetera... after you order for direction from where the attack come, example from near of house, from upstairs, after time order, example January, June, after for day and at end for hour. You write the files quantity for every folder and for every under folder, example: persecution 100/ street 30/ underground 12/ January 6/ 12 4.

Example: it is management of informatics tree Ö

Ended the work, you control that the files are saved it, then now the files are the before files plus the new files. You connect a mobile hard disk and you save the new files in double copy or more in it and after you control the copies that they are equal number and you make same for the files from photo machine to other folders so if there is a wrong, you have the original files to make the work again. You disconnect the mobile hard disk, connect the other one and repeat the same work. When the work is ended, you will have minimum five copies of the proofs. Two mobile hard disks donít connect with computer or with two computers in at the same time. You create a little file to store the information to control if two mobile hard disks are equal. Only after and never before, which you have saved the files into two mobile hard disks and it is all right, you connect the photo machine with the computer to format the memory of photo machine and you never use the delete command because the enemy will look for to insert a virus to reduce the memory to prevent the recovery of the proofs. Two mobile hard disks never stay in the same place, one disk you must ever have with you and then you move ever with weapon, the another hard disk, you guard it in a security place so if anyone steal one at you remain another.