How The Modern Dictatorship Work It
(And As I Have Discovered Them!)
My Persecutors and the Their Allies




There are sound recordings to show a criminal association to damage me and the near of house has produced a farce to harm me. To obtain this, certainly he has testified the false and producing mendacious documents to the authority, to precede his accusation against me, always under the conditioning of other persons, which they are interested to exchange me for lunatic.
There are many recordings in merit, too bore, and then neither we will show a few and indicatives.
In shortly, their intention is show that I am troubled from the noises. The lie is easily demonstrable from my opposite behavior in relation their affirmations and of the reprisal type adopted from me against them, reducing thus, the assault with the direct energy weapons, that it is the production of noises or of music to remarkable volume by night too.
In a standard condition, all this would be impossible, instead, they must show the contrary, the enemy is undergoing be quiet my attack, in fact, none is lamented neither personally, neither by authority.
Substantially, being a stupid opponents, it has been sufficient satisfy them in the first phase. They, as idiots, have rendered official all with an accusation and producing official documents in such sense, with the support of the colluded sanitary authority.
In the first phase, I have produced a farce to satisfy their lies, to compel them to render official the forgery, with the purpose of inverting my behavior in the opportune moment; now, I can play all noise that I want by day and by night, without which none may protest about it.
To end the reprisal, they must inform the authority to confess their crimes, event that will happen never: however if they will not confess their crimes, the reprisal can and must cease never!
Previously, perhaps they have tried with different systems but I have not perceived it. Now the adopted system is evident, they have corrupted my near of house, that he having adjacent my bath, they have convinced him to follow me when I got to the WC and to open the taps. Initially I have not understood, thinking about a simple coincidence, but the constant repetition of the event have done to born in me the thought that the near is a kind of dirty maniac that he love to hear the persons when they defecate and his sick mind has generated this strange amusement.
It was born a quarrel more always hard, which ended in his accusation that it produces for me an advantage with the creation of a tactical balance, that it has determinate with the reprisal over indicated.
The other sequential error is, that in this case, the sanitary authority intervenes it, then officially I being under aid(?), so they can do me nothing, on the contrary the loudness, that I play it, at the maximum indicates that the treatment(?) is correct!
After a massive attack with direct energy weapons, I went to the Martini hospital to verify possible damages. The corrupt first aid staff had me admission in psychiatry, weakening their position because the aid request is not relating to the treatment, disclosing that they are corrupt, (to look at The Mental Chip, the Anteroom of the Apocalypse).
Not only, I discover the big lie in the clinical medicine folder, which I have requested to help me at mental health centre, it puts me officially more to the shelter, in fact, collaborating, they cannot compel me to compulsory care.

In this audio file (ISTIGAZIONE1_07052008_2225) you can hear their system to work. I getting in the bath, the near begin to open his flush that the noise do to understand us that the valve is a few open, then it is clear, that he do not play to its function but to the themes already told. Interesting this recording of the near, in criminal association with the gang stalker, in fact, he react at my instigations continuing in his purpose, eliminating every doubt on the fact.

In this audio file (CONFESSIONE_08052008_2219) immediately, you can hear the wife, with a nearly desperate voice, that she prays the husband to desist from his lunatic actions, because, probably, she have perceived that I was recording him. She was shouting him: "let you escape from there …" and she called him for name, the peculiarity is that her voice slowly disappears, as if other persons transferred her away against her will! Then it is obvious the will to action to annoy in a plan to exchange me for lunatic.

In this audio file (ISTIGAZIONE2_08052008_2221) it has been recorded at once after the precedent and, stupidly, the near falling within the trap here too, he reacted in the usual mode from my provocations, in spite of the prayers of the wife.

It has not been produced of the audio video, because they can manipulate the computer, they have disabled the codec and so the produced videos are mute.
After time, changing the operative system, from Windows Vista to Windows 7, the audio of the videos are now audible, then I can show concretely my affirmations. In fact, the near has not never stopped his forgery maniac activity, compelled to this actions from the persecutors, to produce the falsely a nonexistent mental folly also with the support of a corrupt doctors.
In the video 25012010, (from 00, 05 to 00, 25) (you put the windows media player equalizer, all to the maximum to hear) the taps of the near are producing an imperceptible hiss, certainly adjusted to produce this original whistle, that it is the same tonality of the audio recording also in the video 27022010 more clearly (from beginning until 00, 26).
In this video 25012010 (2) there is I that I wash my teeth, in the end I put the machine on the wall (from 01, 42 to 02, 26), near to the tap of the tank, where we can hear the same imperceptible hiss (you put the windows media player equalizer, all to the maximum to hear). It is evident that he does not use the water to utility purpose, but he produce a trouble only for the well-known themes.
It is important to consider that the hiss is similar in two different points, this is a event impossible for two different taps, (condition that previously I has already noted and it was not demonstrable with the audio files). In fact, the taps having diameter not equal, it is impossible to produce the same tonality, this shows that the persecutors are using a recording, they put the reproducer near the tap to sham theirs use.
It is an astute act, in fact, in a future comparison, the audio recordings will not have the equal tonality at the taps, to the purpose to show that I hear nonexistent noises, instead with the video there is the proof of a fraud to damage myself and toward the Sanitary and Juridical Authority too.

These are other videos; I recorded it by cellular telephone, which proof that it is this, their mode to action of the persecutors. The author, in this case, is the habitant of the under floor, that always to produce trouble noise; she puts on the stairway and turns on her cellular telephone where I have the radio. To accuse her, I syntonize the radio on an empty station, so this not emitting sounds, she cannot locate it to hearing, so it is more evident that she has a radar system to see across the walls or she is connected to probable micro-chip, that allows to see through my eyes. It was easy produce the trap because she did this action always when I come back from the work; she was indoors, as a mad woman, to expect me to make this stupidity!


In this audio file (MISTER_X_120108_2108) hear you the voice of a male, which will hear again in the following file and he reveals a connection, with the more probable principal of the persecution. Certainly, he is the person of joining, that he can indicate who are the principals and he have been recruited from them to produce the persecution, also because his voice I have heard him in other different situations, always to organize absurd loudness with the purpose to exchanged me for lunatic. After suddenly he is missing, more probably dismiss him because he has obtained nothing, since clearly his method is an only idiocy, which it was born from a stupid mind.
In this recording as the following, there is an assembly of persons, these jubilate against of me, trying of a persecutors association, certainly plagiarized them from persons that are more important, and Mister X is the material executor.
To make the recording I shams to sleep, in fact, in such circumstances, the near is made more activate, the interesting thing have been picked a revealing talk.
The registrant machine was been hung to the valve of the flush.
The recording is confused from the background noise, however equalizing and amplifying, you can hear any interesting pieces, unfortunately, it is fragmentary, and the pieces are distant between them.

They were speaking, they were far away and Mister X was speaking excitedly.
She 1: I am here.
Mister x: when … he sleeps.
She 1: then I go there to beat ...
Mister x: you do not beat it, you do not make it … it is not profit, you do not believe, and you do not make it.
Mister x: now, I will tell you what you must do it.
Mister x: I am your friend
she 1: friend
Mister x: advice … when he play the music to the morning … in the morning … you is going in the morning … he does not break you … to the morning … when he … you must say that he is the crazy, it is a fraud … that he is crazy, do you understand mi, cra - zy … tomorrow morning we will go to the … he is mad, mad … if you go to say about this, they will make admission for a long time.
She 2: must say about this at whom?
After Mister x was speaking at a group of persons.
Mister x: really to remember all you… and to prepare you at the victory … to acclaim us a big, very big extraordinary all you!
You can hear a group in persons to make a noise and a final applause.

How can see in the image the temporary sabotage to damages of the translator in regarding at the part of mister x, while I was making this site. It is another proof of the Mister X’s criminal nature and of his accomplices, in fact, for temporary bad work of my computer, it has visualized and then I have discovered that this criminal association has created an invisible account and so to control my computer, creating temporary or permanent damages, by a remote control. It is evident that the criminals is been given hospitality in one of the adjacent home at my habitation!

This audio file DIALOGO_RIVELATORE_260108_1023 is a recording, which it is the proof that there is an association, compote, certainly by a plagiarism at them damage, from habitants of my same house, with the mister x. You can hear his voice in the previous recording to advise my near of house and he offers self as assistant. It is evident the trick, the stupidity and the ignorance of my near of house. The satisfaction of their presumed complaint is easily solvable, simply with the dialogue and if they made me to know their problems and if this do not served, it was sufficient to inform about the problem to the municipal police. Their choices are immediately anomalous in operation of their complaint, because they have been advised from mister x, it is evident that the ignorant near of house has been plagiarized, exploiting their complaint as excuse to hide a plan to alienate the fundamental freedom, as the free expression, etcetera. It is to add, that the sound attack was already in act, in fact, the stalker, with direct energy weapons created loudness by every hours and by night, hitting the balcony, that it is unique for all house. In that time I had not understood the dimension of the problem, however I had already carried the provision in person to make ceases the assault, causing it the cessation.
Recording is not clear for the abnormal language of the participants. Amplifying and equalizing the audio, the recorded dialogue becomes more perceptible and I bring it in below.

Interpreters: Mister X and near of house.
Male 1: look that one also wants to sleep in the morning cannot his. (It is meaning of: one want to sleep and it is impossible).
Not identified male: to we, he does not climb our heads (it is meaning of: it will not happen that he rubs us).
Male 1: you are … how do you do suffer?
Not identified female: it is truth.
Not identified male: you call to the …
Female 1: at what time is it morning that he puts out the ra … what time is it (it is meaning of: when did he turn on the radio, what was time it?).
Not identified male: what neither I know (it is meaning of: I do not know it).
Female 1: but he goes also will work? (It is meaning of: do he going to job?).
Not identified male: not a do (it is meaning of: he doesn't going to job).
Male 1: he wake … he has problems that …
Chorus: to not be. (It is meaning of: it is not right).
Male 1: looks that they don't go ever to sleep (It is meaning of: he must know that they do not sleep ever).
Mister X: that he makes loudness.
Not identified male: how much do he does it.
Not identified female: it is not true, that neither he does it (It is meaning of: it is not true, that he do not does it).
Mister X: Also, if he neither does a lot by day; Gilda, Gilda do you understand what I am doing it? (It is meaning of: if he does it a lot every day too; Gilda, Gilda do you understand what I am doing it!).
Female 1; yes, to prison, when want you to come in him? (It is meaning of: if yes, I have understood to shut in prison, when will you do it?).
Mister X: (perhaps) before of, before of …
Female 1: (perhaps) for the Saints.
Mister X: and I call the dear Joe Gio.
Female 1: he calls Joe Gio
Chorus: he is a …
Mister X: we see later.
Female 1: he is a catholic priest.
Not identified female: who is he?
Not identified male: the assistant of the Pope.
Mister X: he is a priest, the assistant of Italo.
Female 1: who is he? haaa!
Mister X: he is working for us, ever.
Female 1: with you!
Mister X: for the Pontiff.
Female 1: it is all right, ok.
Mister X: (probably the surname is …) Arignao
Female 1: now, he is the assistant of the Pope.
Not identified female: who is he?
Female 2: bye.
Not identified male: now, the assistant of the Pope, we have him! (It is meaning of: the assistant of the Pope will help us!)

It is from their talks, they inform us that the clergy is the principal of the persecution, that here cunningly they have offered selves as benefits help, confirming my testimony, before at this event, that the first pursuers were exponents of the clergy: priests and nuns.
The trick is clear! None annoy a person with important engagements so high, neither he will have interest to banal incomprehension between near of house, much less, he will authorize to work with special weapons, follow stealthily, to do the false official document as my clinical medicine folder, etcetera.
It is a logical consequence of my book on the metaphysics, that for theological ignorance and politics, only for the longing of power of this Church (?), which it is a real danger to all peoples. It is a sequential confirmation of the despotic maintenance and dictatorship of this Church and of its politics ideology, confirmed many times from the story. It is already from their apparition a too evident condition, in fact, they have succeed to get for selves the persecutions in Roman epoch, when there was the polytheism, in an time with the maximum religious tolerance in the story of the humanity, then it is obvious that their interests was not about the religion and about the Christ. Instead it is priority the power and the god of moneys for them, that in the ancient Rome was abounded and that it was not set out to separate with this fanatic atheist sect, that it is using Jesus and the religion as excuse and as shield: how this recording testimony it and it is confirmation again.