How The Modern Dictatorship Work It
(And As I Have Discovered Them!)
The Sabotages




It is multifarious the sabotage attempts to control of my computer, that being invisible and it is not easily documentable if a person is not a systems analyst.
For a bad work of the computer, I have discovered that there are another invisible account that it is used from the saboteurs, as the video (52)17maggio2010-0014 shows.
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In this photo you can to seen a remote desktop service that I have never activated, dated year 2006, previous date to the purchase date of this computer and I have formatted the hard disk and after I have installed Windows 7 that it was not still born in that date. They are obtaining the control with the wireless device although it is been deactivated always.


Then this program has been installed in the old computer that had Windows XP, it has reached that new computer as an informatics virus when I have transferred the files.
Then the persecution can be dated insure mode at the 2006, one year before from the first photographic proof of the use by direct energy weapons.

Here it shows anything …

The Point of Setting

I have made video in July 2009.
This videos show the sabotages of the computer by cause of the persecutors.
In unknown mode at me, the persecutors can modify the data processing system of computer. A defense from these attacks is the use the point of setting command than it does to return the computer at setting before of the illegal sabotage.
The video shows this illicit act [(21)06luglio2009-1425]. I have inserted here three moments of the video to shows the trick that the persecutors have used. The first moment shows the correct window to produce the point of setting, the second shows the disappearance of the correct window, the third shows the false window overlapping on correct window that the persecutors have added to prevent the maneuver.


At 00, 05 seconds



To Look at Video (21)06luglio2009-1425

You can to see in the monitor (8_12_09-1257) the cancellation of the point of setting, used to avoid the elimination the produced sabotages, so making futile the defensive operation. It is visible in both the disable of the original configuration of the office pack to prevent the correct work. You can to see in the image (02_05_10-1604) that there is not the installation of the office pack to prevent again the correct work, as also all the other installed programs except those installed from any day. We must self ask, as I may to make all this work without specific programs, perhaps I am able to make the miracles, in fact, periodically the saboteurs cancel the done installations to prevent their reset.


Image 8 12 09-1257


Image 02 05 10-1604)

The Translator Disabilitation

The video [(22)02agosto2009-1402] shows the attack to processing system. It was been done to prevent the translation in English language of this written. Profiting that I had not the translator installation CD with me because I was from friend: it is a typical act of these perfect idiots; in fact, this event could not prevent to go to my home to take the translator installation CD and to make the installation.


To Look at Video 02 agosto 2009-1402

To the left the window that it informs that the copy was been not recognized then it is illicit, to the left bought product then it is impossible that the copy is illicit without sabotage.

The Mouse Disabilitation

In the video (18_04_2010-1207) it is visible, another sabotage type, which other victims have undergone and they have told me.
This video is the proof that the stalker disables and rehabilitates the mouse at their pleasured, you can to hear the acoustic signal of the insertion and of the disconnection of the device, and shown with the lighting and the shutdown of the red light of the mouse without a theme that justify it.
Interesting is this video because it is the proof that it is possible to control the other person’s computer also when it is not on-line at the internet and when the wireless device is been unconnected as clearly you can to see in the two photos obtained from the video.


To Look at Video 18 04 2010-1207

The Blocking Rename Command

The two videos (19 06 09-1158 and 20 05 09-2125) show a sabotage that it is about to prevent to change files name, in fact, you can see that the file name is shortened, action always possible and instead it gives an error message, so the file name is not modifiable. The motivation is to make lose the files in the copy and paste operation when the file names are long and in this way they obtain their reduction and to avoid the copies. They have obtained it, sabotaging the operative system, and reducing the numbers of the maximum characters to name a file, which it is set from Microsoft at 255 characters.

To Look at Video 19 06 09-1158

To Look at Video 20 05 09-2125

The Indelible File

The video (02 05 10-1427) shows another particular sabotage, canceling the file, this disappears as commanded, however if I got out it and I re-enter in the folder that contain it, this is always present then it does feint of disappearing instead there is always.

To Look at Video 02 05 10-1427

To Prevent Internet Utilization

The video (28sett2009 - 1805) shows sabotage to prevent the installation of the key device to gain access to internet and then its utilization.

To Look at Video 28sett2009-1805

To Prevent E-mail Utilization

The video (11ott09 - 1649) shows sabotage with the purpose to block the utilization of the e-mail.

To Look at Video 11ott09-1649

The Hidden Network

The video (210509-1443) shows another sabotage to hide the correct window, which it appears for a bit, with other. The suspect is that they can to communicate with computer through the printer door. The suspect was born from the fact that when I have bought the printer, I have been follow and the pursuer has bought the same model that I have bought. However without this detail not provable, the video confirms the initial suspect, in fact, it shows the printers window and I input the disconnected command network and it gives a window (as you see in the image) that it is suddenly cover from another.
This would unfolds because they may to control the computer while it is not on-line and with the disconnected wireless device, somehow they use the wireless device across a different door and that it is not to network, making it invisible and not disable.

To Look at Video 210509-1443


The Input


At Seconds 00, 21 The Hidden Window

The Computer Shutdown

The video (06 10 09-1630) show various computer shutdowns at cause of the saboteurs, in this case they were preventing, because the computer does not work, the installation of the operative system and the formation the hard disk, in the attempt that I would not may to eliminate the bad work of the machine.

To Look at Video 06 10 09-1630

The video (19FEBBRAIO2010 - 1955) shows another computer shutdown at cause of the saboteurs, in this case to prevent to work on the book that I have written and it is the cause of the persecution, trying also that it is this motivation; otherwise, they would have not acted if for them it is not trouble cause.

To Look at Video 19FEBBRAIO2010-1955

The method that it is been used to obtain the shutdown, it does not happens by a remote command but with direct energy weapons, in fact, the computer has a thermostat that it switches off the computer when it is superheated. To avoid this problem I put the computer on the thermic accumulators, for the refrigerator bags, and it is necessary to reduce the programs in use by the task manager with the purpose to produce the minimum heating.

The Sabotages to Damage the Word

The Sabotage to Damage the Orthographic-Grammatical Corrector of the Word to Italian and English Languages

The photo is the proof of one of the much sabotage to damage the office pack to do difficult or impossible to write. In this specific case the sabotage is about to make difficult the translation from the Italian to the English in that part of the site that it tell the mass irradiation that it is happening in the Mirafiori zone of Torino city, blocking the orthographic and grammatical automatic checkup. [Video (17_04_2010-1945) in the chapter the mass irradiation: everywhere, direct energy weapons].


The pop up message of office pack shows this inscription: Orthography and grammar checkup is been completed. The indicated text with “it does not execute the orthography and grammar checkup" it has been not executed.
It does not exist in the Windows’s office pack a command to enable or disable a text area from the grammatical orthographic checkup. It is possible only a habilitation or uninhabited of the entire Word sheet, then the uninhabited of a sheet part is happened directly by a manipulation of the system program of the office pack from the stalker saboteur.
It is to add that none has the interest to produce a strange operation and in self, useless.
It is impossible that the saboteurs are far away because the computer has ever disconnected the wireless device and it is not on-line at internet. Then they are into near rooms, in the flank (where there is the person that follows me when I go to bath, to look at the chapter, my persecutors and the their allies) or in the down floor (where they have looked for to kill me, to look at the chapter, the short story of any attacks, paragraph, after the half of june 2008 “the attempted murder"). By the movement noises, that I hear to come up from her rooms (they must ever to show that I am disturbed by the rumors) coupled with the sabotages, this do the more suspect place.

To Hide the Images

The video (21luglio09 - 1040) shows sabotage that it does not make to see the images in the sheet Word; this is been obtained altering the original parameters of the program.

To Look at Video 21luglio09-1040

To Prevent the Salvage of the Word Files

The video (11ott09 - 1612) shows sabotage to prevent the salvage of the word files, making to appear another on the "save" button that it serve nothing and it does not work, as you can to see in the two images in detail.

To Look at Video 11ott09-1612


At Seconds 00, 19


At Seconds 00, 20

The video (210tt09 - 1841) shows another sabotage to prevent the salvage word files, inputting "save as name" the window does not appear that it allows the appointment of the file and its salvage.

To Look at Video 210tt09-1841

These sabotages always to prevent the work on my book to alienate the fundamental freedom of our society, as the freedom of thought, of writing and another.

The Selection Sabotage

This videos show the sabotage of the word sheet, always to prevent at me to work on my book, trying again that it is this, the motivation of the persecution.
The video (17ott09-2336) shows sabotage to prevent the selection of the writing. The video shows an impossible selection without sabotage, they seeing that I make a video of the damage, the computer begin to work correctly.


To Look at Video 17ott09-2336

The video (18ott09 - 0032) shows another sabotage to prevent the selection of the writing. Thing is evident, initially I have selected the note under the page, after I have selected the page and the note is not been unselected, returning on the note, this is selected at pieces, impossible thing without a sabotage, when they seeing that I am making video the saboteurs eliminate the damage and the computer returns to work.




To Look at Video 18ott09-0032

In addition, in this case, they were alienating the fundamental freedoms.