How The Modern Dictatorship Work It
(And As I Have Discovered Them!)
The Direct Energy, Acoustics and Spy Weapons, Everybody May Buy Them in the Web




For who is thinking that this one is all a fancy, you are in error, all this is possible and at low cost, easily you consult it on internet, there are a lot of weapons sale sites from us forbidden (in Italy) and espionage systems.
This is natural thing; the forbidden from us it is possible to be right in other countries and from these are possible, somehow, to buy the illicit goods.
We think about the United States, where the weapons are a right, then the not lethal weapons are not a legal big problem as their purchase and their possession, so this weapons are in easy expansion commercial, also for the real practical advantages that this weapons possess themselves and above all for who use them to criminal purposes.
Consequently we can to think about it, that the States don't make a real resistance to theirs diffusion; a Mafia war between organized gangs by strokes of 45 magnum is a heavy fact, if this happen with direct energy weapons, it is an invisible event, so the crime doesn’t create problems for the politicians... it is certainly truth, instead for the victims have more damage from both sides, from the crime that attacks us and from the authority, that without to think about it, label us as lunatics!
It is clear that the crime so organized, it would be more easily to break the opposition of the police and it is more easily to control the many people that are inserted in the public structure, with attacks, which at today these are difficultly demonstrable and then we are now with the acquaintance of a social real danger.

I propose to you some examples between the many sites that in the web and everyone can consult them …

The Direct Energy Weapons

Microwave Cannon

Microwave Cannon Sale Site

Advanced project shows in detail how to utilize a micro-wave oven to construct a powerful source of directional microwaves. These plans are written with detail given to the mathematical equations necessary to design the horn antenna. This project can be a tremendous study aid in the field of high power microwaves. Unfortunately it should only be attempted by those familiar with high voltage and high power radio frequency circuits. All strategic parts are available through us on a special request. You must make contact to verify age and identity.

MICROCAN1 - Microwave Cannon Plans (By Download - $7.00) ..............$20.00

Highest Power Adjustable Ion Ray Gun

Highest Power Adjustable Ion Ray Gun Sale Site

High powered unit uses a variable duty cycle clocked oscillator driving a FET field effect transistor in turn switching into a resonant transformer. The transformer output is fed to a full wave voltage consisting of a number of stages that convert and multiply the peak value of the voltage waveform. Out put resistors help control the high capacitive discharge currents that could damage the multiplier section. Adjustable output with reactance limited current is open and short circuit protected.
Unit is housed in a combination gray PVC and clear plastic tubing enclosing the multiplier section. Controls are safety switch and charge field intensity adjustment with push button power control mounted in the pistol grip butt. This section also houses the 8 "AA" battery cell holder and has a strip of conductive metal tape to make contact to the users hand. This forces the users body to the system ground and provides a virtual ground for charge return. Unit is ruggedly built and can be hazardous if used incorrectly. Labeled dangerous.

IOGHP1 - Plans (By Download - $5.00) ......................................$15.00
IOGHP1K - Kit/Plansof 15 Stages - 100 kv Plus/Meter ...........$189.95
IOGHP10 - Ready to Use .............................................................$259.95

The Acoustics Weapons

Phasor Pain Field Generator
Intended For Law Enforcement Personnel Or For Qualified Acoustical Research

Phasor Pain Field Generator Sale Site

Produces a power field of ultrasonic shock wave energy. The frequency range is adjustable from 7kHz to 25kHz, with the PCC30 putting out 140db of sound (135db for the PPF40) measured at 30cm. Intended for mounting to vehicles for potential crowd control applications. Also excellent for keeping out pests from gardens, etc. Hearing protection recommended when in use.

• 135 or 140db Matrix Output
• 12VDC Internal Batteries Or External Adapter
• 12VDC Wall Adapter Included
• Accessible Controls
• Remote Jack for External Triggering
• PPF40 Size: 8" x 8" x 5"
• PCC30 Size: 16" x 8" x 5"

PPF4- Plans (By Download - $7.00) ..........................$15.00
PPF4K - Kit & Plans .................................................$199.95
PPF40 - 135db Assembled, Ready to Use .................$299.95
PCC30 - 140db Assembled, Larger Above ...............$499.95

Low Liability Property Protection Systems
Phasor Pain And Shock Field
This System is the “MOSQUITO” that is used in the UK to break up groups of unruly people

Low Liability Property Protection Systems Sale Site

Creates A Protective Shield Of High Pressure Complex Ultrasonic Shock Waves
Unauthorized intruders are exposed to a feeling of intense paranoia, discomfort, disorientation, nausea and other undesirable effects. Government research is currently investigating the weapons potential and may soon classify these devices!

• Easy to Install
• High Output Directional Ultrasonic Projector Transducers 130db+
• Detection Inputs For Trip Wires, Window Tapes, Pressure Switches, External Signals, Etc ...
• Low Liability Causing No Lasting Effects
• Covers Four Multiple Areas Up To 1500 Sq Ft. Or Concentrated On Specific Target Areas
• Adjustable Frequency And Sweep Modulation, Alarm Reset And Test Switch
• Runs from a 12V battery (not included) or wall adapter (included)

Units are offered for research & development. Caution and discretion required. Protects up to four 1500 sq ft areas. Operates from 12 Vdc or 115 VAC. Three input jacks sense pressure, trip, and magnetic switches or broken windows, tape and wire strips to signals from other alarms and detectors. Contains frequency sweep and sweep rate controls for maximizing effect. 3"x 4"x 6" central console drives 4 remote satellite stations that are interconnected using safe low voltage wiring.

View/Download Free Instructions (PDF)
PPG30 - Plans (By Download - $8.00) ..........$15.00
PPG30K - Kit/Plans.......................................$149.95
PPG300 - Ready To Use.................................$249.95

Spy Weapons

Build Long Range Laser Window Bounce Listeners and Optical Voice Communication Systems

Build Long Range Laser Window Bounce Listeners and Optical Voice Communication Systems Sale Site

Remarkable concept where you listen to sounds picked up from a reflecting surface illuminated by a laser. These light reflections, or scatter, are reproduced back to the original sound by our special optical receiver.
Assembled laser and receiver modules may be placed on video tripods and temporarily aligned for limited performance demonstration systems. They may also be enclosed as shown in the instructions for use as a field worthy device with a potential range of up to 500 feet. May be used as a long range laser voice communicator with a range usable to 10 miles line of sight. Low cost audio surveillance science project or useful device for listening to power line faults, over pressured pipes, etc.
Plans show 3 systems ranging from a low cost science project to a long range infra red surveillance system. Includes LVC1 long range optical voice communication system.

LWB9 - Plans and Data for Complete System (By Download - $12.00) ............$25.00

Handheld through-wall radar delivers unique 3D view that can revolutionise security work

Handheld through-wall radar delivers unique 3D view that can revolutionise security work Sale Site

Standalone unit can be held against a wall and activated with a single button press - providing images of internal activity within 2 seconds.

A Intersec oggi, la consulta di Cambridge è ha visto in anteprima la seconda generazione della tecnologia radar che vede attraverso i muri, che sono le nuove innovative per la qualità delle immagini e la semplicità d’uso. Fornendo un’immagine tridimensionale della posizione e del movimento delle persone all’interno di un palazzo, il sistema è costruito come un singola unità portatile, e sarà offerto con una linea snella con un suo video a colori.
In this new version of the radar, Prism 200, Cambridge Consultants eliminates the need for an external controller and man-machine interface. This is achieved by integrating a VideoCore processor which combines high-performance digital signal processing capabilities with a versatile display driver. Results are presented instantly on the unit's built-in 6.4-inch colour display - or, alternatively, transmitted to a remote laptop.
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Held against a wall or mounted on a tripod up to 2 metres away, Prism 200 transmits low frequency ultra-wideband (UWB) radar pulses that pass through building materials over 40 cm thick, to detect activity over a range of up to 15 metres.
A unique feature of the new intelligent radar core is an array of antennas which gives it a large field of vision - at least 140 degrees in both vertical and horizontal planes - combined with 3D object location and motion tracking. Operators can use the 3D capability to decide whether people are standing, sitting or lying, or whether the object detected is human or an animal.
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