How The Modern Dictatorship Work It
(And As I Have Discovered Them!)
This Is The Daily Behaviour Of The Persecutors




Beyond to hit anyone with invisible weapons and much modern with only the function to help their job, then what are doing the persecutors that are been recruited?
These acts are ever illegal and as my story to alienate the freedom of expression, of thought and of religion.
There are other motivations to make these illegal actions as to make illicit experiments without the consent of the involved person or more simply for revenge or for gain or to defense a power.
Their tactics against anyone is simple. They take the knowledge from the medicine texts and they look for to create around the targets a pathology, which clearly the victim lamenting of the imposition that he is undergoing automatically and as if he would denounce self to be sick and then they make him to shut in a psychiatric hospital!
It is much profit to all us, to be informed on schizophrenic symptoms because it is easier to sham it, then for better to understand us the wicked acts of the persecutors and because they act thus.

Short List of the Symptoms more Generals of the Schizophrenia

The Hallucinations. There are the deliriums and the hallucinations, when a person has lost the contact from reality too much. The disease begins above all with vision hallucinations. The perceptions are into the brain only of sick, and can be from all senses: hearing, sight, the touch, the taste and the smell. The auditive hallucinations are presents for disease all. The form more frequent is it to hear the voices. The voices can speaking with him, to put on him in alert to possible threats or to give orders, which are like the disquisitions and repetitions, these judge his behavior, steal him the thought and another experiences that influence the thought, diffusion of thought, constraint sensation, sensation to be obliged and violated of the sentiment and of desire. When the ills have deliriums, they may believe that the persons read their thoughts or the other make an intrigue against them, which other persons control them and threaten them or that the ills can control other brains.

The Behavior. The thought and the speaking are confused without right behavior, with the contained incompleteness and the much short talk. They have problems to communicate with right phrases and to talk with other. The thought is poor and with formed mistakes, with poor expressions and with the short phrases, the responses are monosyllabic with an interminable silence. The schizophrenic talk freely, using common words, which are coupled between them, the speech is the meaning of nothing. The thoughts have not logic and the discourses are difficult to understand it, because quickly, the ill changes ever the concepts and the subjects. The terminology and the syntax may be bizarre and to have an only meaning for the speaker. The ill moves self slowly; doing ever the same acts with rhythm how to walk, to walk around. With difficulty, they understand sense of the life, how emotions, as organization. They have not the capacity to end a work. They have irrational ideas and wrong thoughts, which these have not an objective and evident recognition into the reality; these ideas are defend it from the sick. Their delirious convictions can be of various types: they have particular powers or special talents how to control the earthquakes or to communicate with God. The ill are convinced to have valor, the power and superior acquaintance at common people, to have godlike essence or however to be a famous person.

The Persecution. The intimate thoughts and the sentiments are lived as known it from other persons. Anytime, the sick thinks that their thought are transmitted it, are stolen it, are controlled it or are influenced it by outside agent (demons or extraterrestrials) or again to be object of wicked acts or persecuted from parents and relatives. The ill think to be him bad treaty from all persons. This delirium type refers toward other principally. The ill has not interesting for the life, for the job or also enjoy activity, so he is ever slothful, staying for many days to do nothing, he donít wash self and without to eat. He has problems to have the friends. Who has the schizophrenia have few intimate meeting, has superficial and sporadic contacts with another and in extreme case, frequently, the ill can close in self without a social life.


The behavior of the persecutors derives from the postulates of the medicine, looking for to create in various modes the pathologic environment with purpose to show a nonexistent disease; so we may to foresee the modality of their actions.
The persecutors create a cinematographic structure species with actors, which are common persons (the near of house, friends, traders, etcetera) that before they are corrupted and after are done slaves; then these improvised actors, without to be conscious, will be grafted with brain chip, so they will be for their all life under control, to prevent that information that compromising news will are to reveal.

The Canonical Modes Of Their Actions

They make many noises and the sound troubles, obviously, these are denied from the persons that living around at the target, to demonstrate that he has auditive hallucinations.

They use persons that wait the target near his house, at stop of the coach, is looked from the windows, to telephone when the target are passing, with the collusion of the sanitary staffs. These persons do nothing; this is the game, canning to accuse the target that when he do of the complaints for these events, so after the persecutors may accuse him that he have vision hallucinations or persecution complex.

It is from many persons experiences are known that they park a car in front of the door of targetís house that it stay there ever, so he would may to think that it is a spy car, really it is more probably a deceit.

The persecutors simulate to be important, using actors that have special agent seeming, sometimes they use the policeman uniform or other authority to convince the target and it is not a simple control without importance, but this will be denied it so falsely to prove the mental disease of target.

The data theft from the computer with opportune equipment, the control of the cellular telephone and of all the other communication device, the intrusion targetís domicile without house breaking and often accompanied by something theft with any value or simply to move it, or they soil the house with shit and other loathsome things or to make damages, all this by better to recover more information on the target and strengthen better the mime show to show the forgery psychosis of a persecution complex.

The target is, in this mode, in condition to confess that his information are been stolen, after to accuse him that he suffers theft of the thought or other similar idiocies or to have of the persecution complex, because it is impossible to show legally the domicile intrusion without the house breaking or the information are been stolen at distance from the computer or from the telephone.

All this acts are a real plot, easily recognizable, then it is confessable from the target, the some actions is, however, denied from his neighbor persons, that they are corrupted, to try, simplicity, that the target suffers from a mental disease.

The persecution, it is normal, instills in the target the evident mistrust by other persons, which will tend to avoid, completing the false psychosis.

It is evident, the common idiocy that exclusively think at the sex, at the football, at the love adventures between the actors and actresses, he being a person with nothing value in self, he is never object of a persecution. Obviously, a target has the capacities that at anyone annoys or frightens or wants to study. So the better virtues of a person are used against him with the defamation and these are falsely interpreted as a sick behavior instead of rightly are of more learned person and intelligent: it is the more developed behavior of who not considers the idiocy of the common people. It is obviously, who is the learned or the strong have the fear of never, contrary to the common people and then unintentionally he shows his not common virtues and his superiority in self. It is normal, which the wise men have a life more like the hermit, then a person more have interior value, less mix self with common people that would can mistrust them and also to hate them, obviously, he reduces the contact with common persons that are majority of people and he centralize his interest toward a few persons highly selected. Better human virtues are in these cases changed it in pathologies with the deceit to advantage of the persecutors with a theatrical farce. Other used acts from the persecutor is the publish between the persons, with the purpose to defame to change from virtues to pathologies and being the majority of the stupid and simpleton people or only opportunistic, they fall inside the deceit and briefly the target will be socially dead.

It is much difficult for who is to belong to the ignorant people, how also the psychiatrics that generally they are corrupt from the dictatorship, to understands who is a victim or who is an ill. The ill is a disturbed person then to make talk with the meaning of nothing, the explanation of the persecution is only fantasias and disorganized. The victim tell a coherent and linear story (it is possible to be comparable at the experience of other target), generally, he ever has at least a little proof, he belongs to specific associations, he looks for similar cases at him, producing the documents to tell his story or to store the proofs; he attacks specific persons, produced a organic defense with often a minimum result. The ill has a life inside the hallucinations and he acts against the other persons with causality, doesnít produce a real defense and against a indeterminate or nonexistent objective, he does not look for to store proofs or to tell a real story, because simply, there are not it; he is not received in the associations because he is not recognized him as a target, he has not proofs, does not look for similar case at him, because his unconscious knows that it is only interior invention and he looks for never another condition at him equal. There is other social analysis. Who is really sick cannot interest another and he is alone, none knows him, he is an isolated person from all sides, also from the sanitary structure and from the authority which generally are lens and absent-minded to move itself. The target, the sick invented, has around at him much agitation, also the authority has much interest around him, he is a famous without to have done nothing for the celebrity, by the defamatory action of the persecutors, while the sick is an unknown and ignored from all persons.

Another evident difference is that the real ills cannot have the job, because they have a life inside a hallucinated world, instead the invented sick, the target has the job or he can work it. Certainly this is the sure proof that immediately it may do to understand the difference.