How The Modern Dictatorship Work It
(And As I Have Discovered Them!)
The Short Story of Any Attacks




First week of February 2008 "You Kill Him That He Is Only a Bastard!"

Anybody saying to control the extinguishers of elevator, he asked of might go up in the attic. My mother has the key, she gave it to him, and left to come up it, instead he have broken a tile of roof that it is over my bedroom.
After a days, I was into the bedroom to sleep after eaten, when I heard to confabulate animatedly my near of house, which he is the man that have denounced me, with another person (that he is MISTER X, his voice is audible in the chapter My Persecutors and the Their Allies). He gives a friendship and his advice at the near of house. The near of house told to this person that I was recording the noises that he had made it. I heard the person to shout: "To Kill Him That He Is Only a Bastard!"
Anybody with a weapon arrived from the roof and immediately I had the sensation as to be under powerful sunshine so I escaped out the room, I put on my head a wet towel and I gone into the bedroom under continues fire of laser and I get away my computer to avoid that my literary work would be lost.
I have had a strong pain to the cranial bone for some week.
In the attic, there was a hole into the insulating panels in correspondence of the breaking tile; stupidly I did not make a photograph.
I did not call the police because I still did not understand the weakness of my enemy, which they would had could burn me with these weapons before might tell with anybody so I have preferred to play time.

It is an unbelievable story how to try the forgery: the Owl.

This incredible and surreal story happened really in the 2008.
The persecutors doing to show my madness, they have invented an original trap and very strange.
I had the habit to go sometime in the park between Sidoli Street, Pio VII Street to do a walk, then the persecutors has prepared a trap, and they have waited as the spiders that I fall into cobweb.
Therefore, a day, as other time I have done it. I was walking to the park and I passed in the point where was put, from a great deal of time, a joust for the children (how you can see it in photo). Then I heard an anomalous crake, in fact, it was a recording played from a speaker on a tree (how can see it in photo). Here also a mechanical owl began to agitate the wings with the typical artificial motion, as the puppets that we can see in the funfair when we are going in the house of the horrors.


Thing was strange and amusing, the same time incomprehensible. All was obvious a bit after, in fact, hidden in the joust for the children, there was a direct energy weapon, that it hit me to the head with high intensity ray and it have obliged me sudden to run away.
It is obvious, which anyone has made a video of the scene and after he delivered it to the medical service (being or idiots or corrupts they have thought seriously that this is true) to exchange me to be a mad that is upset from bird sing. In fact, more times after it was happened that while I was walking on the road, I have met the ambulances parked coupled to artificial singings of birds, that they are easily distinguishable, because the artificial singing has metal sound and strident and clearly I did not see the birds that sang.
Then it is been shown from the experience that some psychiatrists are doctors and perfect idiots, because they have believed to a trick of this type, or they are only corrupt criminals!
I let at you a judgment about this.
My judgment is that it is not healthy and unadvisable, to put our health in the hands of this doctors.

The February 11 , 2008 night "Massive Attack"

The persecutors compelled me to stay in open air because they prevented me to sleep in home by directed energy weapons so a night have made a massive attack.
The attack started in the number two coach. I stayed on the public coach to be at hot because it was winter. I was resting a little before the end of service.
I have felt a strong pain from left lung, the attack was coming from a car that it was following the coach, and I got off it to escape. Contemporarily a mix group of men and women, for a total of five, got off with me. Obviously, they were accomplices; I had understood from their anomaly and unnatural behavior and because they look at me in strange kind, when we got off from the coach, those ran away quickly and scattering them.
I was walking in the street and anyone attacked me again, from various commercial motor vehicles ever white, from the coaches too when I met them. I look for to escape and they were everywhere. I taking refuge into the bar and repair me behind the refrigerator full of drinks that repair me like a shield.
I asked at bar woman to call a taxi to go to Martini hospital in Turin, to make the X ray at lungs to verify the damage, instead the hospital attendants have closed me in a room where I was attacked from under and same floors by directed energy weapons. After they have not verified the damages and they have closed me in psychiatric department.
I did to transpose at me my computer in the hospital so to continue to write my book, into this, there are the audio recordings of near of house. A night, anyone took my computer and deleted the audio proofs when I was sleeping by soporific although the computer was into the closed bag with padlock. This act is useless because I already gave the proofs to the defender lawyer. For lucky, who have acted, was ignorant, in fact, he moved the files to basket and he did made it empty so I might to recover all things.
I succeed make an X-rays at lung and a TAC to the only head after remarkable insistence. They did not measure me the pressure of the blood. Certainly, because they knew that with direct energy weapons were hitting me that they are cause of the high pressure of the blood. my mater have transported from house the instrument and so I might to measure the blood pressure. Sanity workers have asked me never because every night I slept with a wet towel around to the head, action that none do it, which it is profit to protect it from the rays and avoid the superheating of the brain by this weapons.
After they had me to transfer to Molinette hospital and I succeed to come out only on threat of denouncing them through by lawyer.
It was this unique occasion, where they have had the possibility to make the more infamous act of all this story, in fact, only here they might has made the operation to graft me a chip in the visual area of my brain and through my eyes to see what I am making and to steal my night dreams.

Will anyone know bastards more great?
A day, they will pay by my hand or by another because ever the freedom was been caused the more violent wars.

The night between 17 and 18 June 2008 "The Horde Begins to Falls Back"

It was impossible to sleep in home for directed energy weapons so I am gone to home of my friend in Colombo Street in Turin and he was not here for private motivation and having the keys I hoped to have a shelter in another place.
I push the button of elevator and I understood which it was a useless solution, in fact, from the door in the downstairs, in appearance uninhabited, come out a strong and hot ray, decidedly unbearable.
I am gotten in to home and a female voice spoke me from upstairs: “Welcome little Romulo”.
I did not care her and prepared myself to sleep, so I started usual rite: acetyl-salicylic acid, magnesium, vitamin C and I put around the head a wet towel so it might not overheat it by the rays.
I laid down myself on the divan in hall and I turn off the lights.
The storm of rays began with strait and strong intensity that penetrated as knifes, from all sides but principally from upstairs. It was a complete team to the attack. Incessantly, they have shot me for hours. I put myself on all body to calm the pain and impetuousness effect of directed energy weapons.
The situation was unbearable. I started to think a solution to contrast to them, I concentrate myself, after I had a genius’s lighting, and I have thought: “it is only light!”
I rise to go in laundry, I caught the mirror from the wall so started to play like the ping-pong game, looking for to reflect the rays against the aggressors.
I began to hear any “Hai”: the idea was right and the aggressors did themselves few aggressive. A one time, I heard a male baritone voice to speak: “Ehi, let you must make attention” and after he to make clear the voice.
Immediately, the attack stopped it, I had hit the team head that rabid he ordered the retreat.
I will undergo never an attack as this.
Constantly, they attacked me in the streets, using vans ever white, when they have understood that I could identify the type of motor vehicles and they started to use common cars.
After 10 June 2008 I began to move with the mirror in a bag so every attack I faced them, causing their quickly escape. They did not end the attacks in the streets but they will make more cautious and less invaded and more concealed.

Some Day After

I was in my home and they began to shoot from under floor with directed energy weapons. After I heard, a general escape and they were shouting: “he is a crazy as do to live all days with this disgust, it is unbearable thing.”
I have take away the mirror from closet cupboard and put under the bed so they shot themselves; for few time, they did not make me trouble.
They succeeded to resolve the problem and in spite of the mirror they hit me again from under floor.

After the half of June 2008 “The Attempted Murder"

In the summer 2008 concretely, they looked for to kill me with directed energy weapons in my home in a much hot day, after the various unfruitful attempts to get under me by cars.
I laid down myself after dinner to sleep, after I felt too hot and a strong radiation come up from under floor. I heard them to confabulate and I did not understand very well that they told themselves, I was too stunned. I began to have not the forces and I understood that not anything was good, so laboriously, I succeeded to get up and quickly I wore myself but I was too slowly by the stunned condition and I escaped out home by an extreme effort, to save me.
Some day after, a woman, that obviously was a persecutor; she was sit down on number three tram. Near Porta Palazzo place, she had the photocopies on the legs as if she would want to study instead she did not consider it and she look out the window. The anomaly thing has done curious me and I stood behind her to look at the pages. They were photocopies of a medicine book that it explained the toxic effects of hot hits. It was sure an averment or a threat. The woman informed me that they wanted to kill me in this mode, profiting of the hot summer so I looked for shelter to my friend, avoiding the murderous conspiracy by an unaware witness.