How The Modern Dictatorship Work It
(And As I Have Discovered Them!)
The Humanity Book,
(The Persecuted Book),
Short Presentation



The Purpose of the Metaphysics Is Here
The Presentation of the Humanity Book

I propose you a very short presentation of the Humanity Book (that compound of further 2.400 pages). It do not make justice of the complexity and completeness of the complete work, that it have touched all the knowledge of the Metaphysics, in its form more truth and original, purged of any belief of the present and of the past, but it is a done trip exclusively with the Pure Thought.

I let to you, dear readers, to identify who are the persons or the institution that they have an economic interest and or a power interest to contrast a work of this swatch, HOLDING YOU, dear readers, IN THE IGNORANCE and PREVENT to THE ACQUAINTANCE a REAL PROGRESS, to advantage of all the peoples.

With Affection Romulus

Diritti d'Autore

The Introduction

The Initial Cause Is a Mendacious Illumination

In the half of 90 years I had the illumination, after I understood that my illumination was the Zeus religion thought.

The Miracle Typology

It is Miracle or Magic the production of a work force without the respect of cause and effect principle

The One Time Miracle

The miracle today is known at all persons from Hebrew idea and it is the same in all religion that neither derivate from it. God order a status, example: let it is light and light was it. The caused act is an absolute force that it causes the condition in being, materializing the tangible expression.

The Continuous Miracle

It is discovery from false illumination, because there are not every miracle type and all magic type.
It is the miracle from Greek – Roman thought. The Greek theologian, seeing the creation with the relativist eye, he have understood that it was impossible the one time miracle.
Created thing by miracle do not respect the cause and effect principle, it is impossible at being, because none have the capacity of being the cause of self.
It is a right observation.
Only God, from Hebrew thought in harmony with Greek thought, is immanent so he is origin and cause of Self.
The humanity is not immanent, our origin is caused from God, so the continuous miracle is the unique method to obtain the magic effect, if it would be made a godlike reproduction, instead the effect that would obtain it with the one time miracle, really generating another God.
The pre-Christian theologian had understood that the created thing by miracle, it is like a dream generated from God, in practice he is the Unique Essence, which knows the secret of life.
The Greek philosopher considering that the human essence is not God, so contrarily at him, the human essence has not the capacity of being in autonomy. Continuously, Zeus must to support the All Created that it is not able of being in self, continuously, spending energies to give concreteness at miracle of Creation.

First Tome
The Matter

Status & Zeus

“It is Status an imposition of the void that it determines the conditions of existence and the boundaries of the capacity of who is contained"

“It is Zeus the real work or abstract work of the void that it determines the conditions of existence of the caused capacity of who is contained”

The Conclusion

Being the Creation is been made from the void and being the modern concept of Zeus a force of the void, it obtains which...

It Is Zeus That It Has Caused the Creation

The Metaphysics

“It is Metaphysics the exact and humanist science, which it consents as unique mean the Pure Thought, for the central study of the condition in being, using a logical method and mathematic specific method and guarantee norms; the purpose is the Connection with the Cosmos, generating a religious thought that produce the harmony with essence known and unknown, its relativing aspect is the Science of Unknown, specific to invent or to organize and its absolute aspect is the Exact Religion"

The Foundation

"It is Pure Thought to discern the sensitive things or insensitive things without every faith or every magic using in exclusive of the intellectual virtues and scientific acquaintance"

The Final Effect

"It is Exact Religion the study of the void at theological purpose using the Pure Thought and the negation of magic"

The Investigation Method

"It is Minimum Model the logical-mathematic way with no ambiguity, which it repeats the intercourse between the purposes, the means and the causes of a event or entity, leting the qualification of the event and of a essence, using presupposed of starting point that it is real or hypothetical, minimum and sufficient, at purpose to reduce at the minimum level of mistake"

It exists many investigation forms, which they let the recovery of information or a series of events, purely, by ideal methods.

Examples ...

Mistake. Sometimes the mistake causes the discovery of other. The mistake is from agent (in self). The mistake is of another (in the void).
Direct Induction. When there is a lighting of genius. It is a response by a creative elaboration (in self). It is as to invent the discovery: I am flying if the air supports me.

And much others...

The First Practice Proof

Using the metaphysics system is possible to discover that…

The Base of the Occidental Culture Is the Hunt in Arena.

“The Arena is a much ancient invention, that it has the purpose of risk reduction of hunt and the time of capture of animals: it is the first trap invented from the humanity”

This invention will impose forever at the occidental thought, doing it to base to invent and with thought that it is less empiric but more abstract and more logical.

The Entities

“It is Entity the result of a work that it does the essence in being and it is a cycle replicable: then all entities are immortal"

It is not a magic to be, instead it is the result of a practical work that it is the cause of an existent essence.

The Causes at the Existence: The Zeus of the Immortality

The Absolute Immortality
“To be because not to be

The Material immortality
“To be because outside to be”

The True Immortality
“To be because to be”

The Immortality Relativing
“To be because it is unique”

The Immortality From Outside
“To be by cause of another being”

The Dynamic Immortality
“To be because it is expanding self”

The Event

"It is Event a phenomenon relativing which it involves two entities and a third outside entity that it have the function of the transferred"

The Cause at the Event

"It is Principle of the Similar and of the Contraries the rule that it characterizes a dynamic expression; the work happen for a difference of level between two entities, which they let energetic move by the similar quality so it obtain the transfer and it obtain the force of transfer by contrary quality"

"It is Chaos Principle the rule that it affirms that it is possible the generation of energy in self with the negation of the principle of the similar and of the contraries; the interaction happens between a empty entity and a full entity, where the concrete entity changes the chaos in workforce"

The Mathematic Models

To resolve the metaphysical purpose was been made new mathematic methodologies.

The Pyramids of Cause and Effect
It is a graphic system that it lets of build the diagrams like the tree that connects the effects at the respective causes.

The Logical Cells
It is a graphic method that it lets to generate a diagram developed on a plain, which it can compare a number of variables that it tends to the infinite.

The Math of Essence
It is the qualification of essences and of the existence conditions.
Its use has reached the purpose.
It was been profit in the first phase, conducting the metaphysic study and immediately, centring the structure of the cosmic essence.

The Math Absolute
It is the real computation between contained entities inside the void.
It is a computation used only for events that they happen in self, when they are isolated of the environment or when they don’t manifest a phenomenon relativing.
I can confirm with much sure that the mathematic concepts, which you will read in this book, already it was known in the bygones.
Still the ancient had not done a distinction between the various typologies of computation, doing a total confusion.
The time has confirmed the computation relativing: more profit in the daily.

The Geometry Absolute
It is the computation that it lets the measurement of numeric forces that they make in being the void, which after it will contain the geometric figures.

The Math of Infinite Orders
It is computation to quantify the dimensions of the Infinite Orders Systems.
The profit is unit of measurement, the Order, which easily, it lets the computation of the values in absolute.

The Creative Math
It is the computation of ideas.
It is together at the linguistics math the base for the generation of the virtual life.
It is a mathematic model that it let to have in being a creative thinker, leting ideal thought at a machine.

The Linguistics Math
It is the computation that it let the transformation from ideas at the actions and from the actions at the ideal codification.
It is the computation that it lets a data processing apparatus the comprehension of a verbal delivery and it is transformed in action, which it is inside the command; the opposite process let the verbal information from the machine in autonomy.

The Pyramids of Cause and Effect

“It is Pyramid of Cause and Effect the graphic system to connect the flow of the effect with the respective caused agent, so it is possible the comprehension of the used means, for the qualification of the Status and of the respective Zeus effect"

The Pyramid of Cause and Effect of Simple Type

A - B

The dipoles let at us to determine better a Status or a Zeus to connect them with the tangible variables that they determinate the dipoles.

In canonic form ...


The Condition of Dynamic Order

It is a particular pyramid of cause and effect that it self-feeds itself, which it has the name: Condition of Dynamic Order (initial C.O.D.).

X - A

These particular pyramids of cause and effect increase inside energy value in the time, because one of the caused entities are cause and effect of self, in this mode it self-feeds itself in virtue of closed cycle in self.

Population - Reproduction

The Tie

A new society to be, it must connect self with pyramid of the survival, somehow, having so the capacitance to generate a new world.
The third and last pyramid of cause and effect of dynamic Order condition, it is this…

C.O.D. tied…

X          --          Y
------------        ------------
X-A                Y-B

V = the ties are: V = A o V = B.

The Logical Cells

“It is Logical Cell, the Order of a diagram, which it used to produce a poles-cellular system that it lets to compare between them a number of variables that tend to the infinite"

The Math of Essences

"It is Math of Essences or Romulus’s Numeric System the mathematic model composed of numbers without the numeric base, having so absolute values, which it lets the possibility of the Status computation of essences"

The Rules

Its numeration is ended and it is composed of numbers: zero and one.
The existence of the Romulus’s number is sure proof of cosmic presence by imposed condition.
A Romulus’s number does indicate never a condition of not existence.
A Romulus’s number does give never as result none.
A Romulus’s number is infinite and finite in the same time.
When the Romulus’s number is equal at one, it is meaning of: the condition in being of entity or the Status of existence.
When the Romulus’s number is equal at zero, it is meaning of: the condition in being of entity or the Status of existence outside of indicated condition.

Any Practical Examples ...

Television/Turns on/in the Drawing Room/NR = 1
The television is working.

Television/Turns on/in the Attic/NR = 0
The television is not working or it turns on in another place.

The Speculation by the Romulus’s Numbers

The first important result is the mathematics rehearsal the necessity of the soul to be alive.
The unique cosmic variable that for attempts, it has leave at me a speculation: it is time.
I have begun to consider a Vero (True, He is God), for definition, it is immortal entity, in its expression of a finite and infinite time.

Vero TInf. NR = 1
          TFin. NR = 0

The Vero is in being inside the infinite time and outside the finite time.
Now I have considered the opposite thing, the machine, an entity that it acts but sure it is dead thing.

Machine  TInf. NR = 0
                   TFin. NR = 1

The machine is in being inside the finite time and outside the infinite time.

At the end I must to consider the life essence.

Life            TInf. NR = 1
Essence       TFin. NR = 1

The life essence is a mortal entity then it has finite time equal one and the infinite time too.
My astonishment was that I using the numbers, I have got as first result, the confirmation of thing that the philosophers have asserted from ever: we are made of one soul and of one mortal body.

The Romulus’s Law

“It is impossible the generation of a thermodynamic system self-conscious in the void relativing”

It is thus because the souls are not in this dimension then it is impossible the life with the matter that there is here.

The Minimum Model of Cosmic Generation inside the None Possible

It is a theory of a universal creation by the study of event, getting an idea like the Big Ben theory, which it is still insufficient theory to justify the creation.

The Speculation by Romulus’s Number, Second Part

It is the comprehension that the creation happens for the stress, which the matter undergoes for the crossing of environments with different inside time relativing, which somehow these determine amplification of energy in still unknown mode.

Theoretical Model

Materia assoluta = Matter absolute
Vero Vuoto = True Void
Materia assoluta a Tinf = Matter absolute inside the infinite time
Materia relativa = Matter relativing
Vero Dio = True God
Ciclo della materia relativa in un creato = Cycle of matter relativing in a created
Universi = Universes

It is a model like the David's star, where ideally it is indicated of the environments with particular times.
It begin from a condition of temporal stasis (up), it is indicated with zero value.
Inside it has a time that it flows (1 value) to pass again at the temporal stasis and to end with the time relativing.

The Minimum Model with the Matter

It uses the experience from the before theory of the creation and having more attention for the material aspect.
Both models don't explain the creative event because they are lacunose in some points.

Questa reazione a potenza infinita è proiettata nel vuoto, si forma un universo relativo = This reaction with infinite power is launched in the void, so it have created a universe relativing
T = 0+ = The time that flows too much slowness
Pianeti e stelle = Planets and stars
Pulviscolo cosmico = Cosmic dust
Energia pura: il caos = Pure energy: the chaos
Confine dell’universo = Universe’s boundary
Raffreddamento = Cooling
La massa lanciata nel vuoto è da considerarsi materia-energia, di fatti, è assoluta e non può più essere nella nuova condizione. La trasformazione stessa avverrà perché l’energia sarà ceduta tal quale = The mass launched in the void, it is consider itself matter-energy, in fact, it is absolute and it cannot to be in the new condition. Also the transformation will happen because the energy will be given equal

The Math Absolute

“It is Math Absolute the real computation and not ideal of the entities interactions in self"

It is not profit for the computation of events relativing, with exchanges of values between two entities; it is profit for computation of events inside the isolated entity, which for an whichever caused agent, it is divided itself in two getting a hot part and a cool part, leting the existence of an event inside at the entity.
It is a math that at we do to reason by the logical of the void, introducing us in this new environment.

Example of Computation

The computation of the sum is the same like the math relativing.

Esempio …

3 + 2 = 5

We consider the mathematic reaction of the sum.
The value absolute is an infinite number and finite.

Considering a determinate temporal moment, it has an exact calculable finished value.
The reaction produces the break of isolated infinite, generating new one by their union, leting possible the reaction in self, it is computable by the math absolute.

Atomo = Atom

The Law of the Space-Time Rapport inside the Void Relativing That already It Is Known as the Constant of the Universal Gravitation

It is the proof of the validity of this math, in fact, the constant of the universal gravitation being a value of void; it is calculable with computation absolute.
It is calculable, with the metaphysics, a value already known at physicists.

C3 space - time <> C2 time x 1 mass.

This computation is possible to be written mathematically, as the relativist use, so...

Space3/(time2 x mass)

The space-time rapport in the void relativing is already known at physics from Newton, which gave the name the constant of the universal gravitation and initialled with the letter “G".
The mass is the effect of a physics reaction, the condensation of the energy that it transforms the energy in mass.
Obtaining the universal order, it is the transformation in matter relativing; from the physics absolute, I have deduced that the order of matter relativing (the minimum quantity of mass inside environment relativing, a photon, it is calculated in absolute) it is 6.000.000 kilograms of matter absolute.
The cosmic order is equal at C as energy inside the environment relativing, then...

Space3/(time2 x mass) = C3/(C2 x 6.000.000) = 50C

Energy V. Rel in a Volumetric Order = 50 x C = G-1

The Geometry Absolute

"It is Geometry Absolute the quantification of the void relativing as container of the geometric figures"

It is the computation of the numeric effort, which it is necessary to generate the space that after it will have inside the real geometric figure.

The Figures Double-Dimensional
The Line
It is a figure that to be it must have two spatial dimensions, and then it has a thickness ever.
The line mono dimensional is only an ideal concept that there is not in reality and then it has not presence in this geometry.
Spessore = Thickness
Lunghezza = Length

Is the Void the Matter?

In this chapter is tried metaphysically that the void is matter, in fact, it existed a Pneuma or an Ether as the pre-Christian philosophers had affirmed..
In short, this acquaintance is today forbidden to do a favour at the Churches that they believe in the magical creation from God, theory that it has not more value in self, the void is able in self to make the creative event.

Example of a Proof by Derivation from the Acquaintance

It is known the temperature of void, which it is equal at zero degrees Kelvin.
None is the absence then it is impossible measure it: then it is impossible measuring of the temperature inside none.
The temperature is ever caused from real thing.
A thermometer, as every instrument, must respect compulsorily the second thermodynamics principle to work.
The thermometer used for the measuring, it is cooled till at the zero absolute, it has given its calories at refrigerant: then there is a fluid in the space that it has let the measuring doing the cold source.
The cold source, to do its function, must be material and so it can take the calories, from the thermometer that it has given it.
Inside the void done only of the absent quality, nothing absorbs or gives calories and the thermometer is immobile at the same temperature, producing the effect of a perfect insulator.
For against the lack of a perfect insulating effect, things in the Cosmos are cooled and they are heated, because it is the product from the presence of the material void.

The Pneumacraft

"It is Pneumacraft a machine that obtain the move, using as coolant the space-time matter and as hot source a propulsive system that it generate pure kinetic energy"

It is the flying machine, vulgarly it is known with name of UFO, which it is easy constitution and it has human origin, explaining the frequent sightings and the absence of a diplomatic contact with the supposed aliens, also for the various impediments that the void imposes, doing impossible the real arrives of the extraterrestrials.

The Physics Absolute

“It is Physics Absolute the science that it studies the entities and the events that they are generated in self and then it is the characteristic study of the void and consequently it is the speculation in the indifference of the relativity"

It is the study of physics of the environment outside our universe, then it is unreachable from physical relativist and that he uses of instruments, adding new theories on behaviour of the matter inside our universe.
I will continue supplying some examples on the obtained results.

The Cosmos’s Dimensions

The official dimensions are partial and insufficient for a measuring.

Le Dimensioni del Vuoto Assoluto

The Dimensions of Void Absolute

1) Thickness of the time
2) Thickness of the time period
3) Time period

The Value Dimension: The Unit of Measurement of the Void

4) Cosmic Order (2C)

The Time Ideal Dimension

5) Temporal duration

The Real Space Dimensions

6) Breadth
7) Length
8) Highness

The Dimensions of the Void Relativing

Equally, this void is measurable as the void absolute, with more some variables that characterize it.

The Real Time Dimensions

1) Thickness of the time
2) Thickness of the time period
3) Time period

The Value Dimension: The Unit of Measurement of the Void relativing

4) Universal Order (C)

The Time Ideal Dimension

5) Temporal duration

The Real Space Dimensions

6) Breadth
7) Length
8) Highness

The Accessory Dimension

9) Halving period

The Entity Dimension

The entity has in similar measuring at the void.

The Real Time Dimensions

1) Thickness of the time
2) Time period
3) Halving period
4) Total energy

The Dimension Relativing

5) Mass

The Real Dimension

6) Age
7) Breadth
8) Length
9) Highness

The Accessory Dimension

10) Ambiguousness with a fixed point or V = C
11) Gravitational ambiguousness

The Law of the Transformation Absolute and Relativing of the Energy

"It is Law of the Transformation Absolute and Relativing of the Energy the rule that it asserts that when a work changes its essence from absolute in relativing or the contrary, it exchange the space temporal essences and the event happens ever with the thermal yield unitary"

The Correspondence Law of the Void

It is been used like the reference to build the pyramids.

"It is Correspondence Law of the Void the mathematics interaction that couple the energetic measure of a value in a environment in stasis with the equivalent inside the time"

The Temporal Synchrony

The astronaut, which theoretically he travels at light speed, he covers the distance from the earth to the moon in a second and he travels in a different position of the thickness of the time in comparison at who is immobile on the earth.
Indifferently from the variation of the time that the astronaut undergoes, this is on the moon in the moment when we see that he is arrived on the moon.
The astronaut will be always synchronous with the remainder of the cosmos.
All the seconds begin and end in the same moment in the indifference of the theirs relative duration.

The Minimal Universe

The minimum lever that it can be developed in the absolute void, it is equal to 4C, this force produces the Minimal Universe, which is the minor entity generable in the relative void.

The Minimal Universe Equivalence

C2 x G = 6.000.000

The Ambiguousness

"It is Ambiguousness the propriety of the matter and of the energy and it is caused of the position in the thickness of the time between two entities interactive, which it influences the energy exchange between essences leting the total or partial tangibility as the intangibility"

The Thermodynamics Principles

The First Thermodynamics Principle of the Void Absolute imposes that at cause of temporal alterations opportune, the produced work is the double of that spent and the power is the work raised to the power of its square.
The Second Thermodynamics Principle of the Void Absolute neither imposes the thermal yield.

Thermic event is…
RT = (Q2 – Q1)/1/(Q2 –Q1) = (Q2 – Q1)2
RT = (T2 – T1)/1/(T2 –T1) = (T2 – T1)2
RT = (Q2 – Q1)2 = (T2 – T1)2

The event is integrated in the void absolute; it interacts with the space-time in stasis at the temperature of zero Kelvin degrees.

It is …

RT = Q2 = T2 For thermic cycle

The Paradox of the Three Twins

You consider three twins; one is on the earth, other trips at the light speed and the last is in a black sun.
The result contradicts the official theory, in fact, the brother on the earth is aged less.

The Energy Condensation Motion

The energy or the light have overtaken the speed C, they process of accelerated motion till to meet against the void (the wall of the time) and they change in relative matter.

The Atom Particles

The metaphysics theory is been confirmed with characteristic computations of the physics absolute, calculating already well-known values.

A example…

Electron mass 9, 108 x 10-31 Kg

It is computation of the speed in the void from the mass.
The electron, as the neutron, is a photon that it has undergone two condensation cycles; it is possible to produce the halving period in function of the mass order.

Pd = 6.000.0004/6.000.000 = 6.000.0003

Dividing the mass (as infinite relativing) with this value, it is been obtained the discard energy, that it is the spatial work produced as kinetics energy.

(9,108 x 10-31)-1/6.000.0003 = metre metre /1000 (in kilometre)/100 sec = 50.830,4 Km/s

This space will be in our time then in our second, that it is of hundred more greater, obtaining so the speed of the electron.
J.J. Thompson experiment has calculated the speed and it is variable from 50.000 to 100.000 Km/s, confirming my calculus.

The Harmonic Planet

It is the confirmation that the computation absolute and the indifference of the unit of measurement in this particular calculus.

The Earth

Speed: 30.000 m/s Mass: 6 x 1024 Kg Year: 31.557.600 sec

S = V x t = 30.000 m/s x 31.557.600 sec = 9,46728 x 1011 metre

This is the spatial work and it is the half of absolute total work.

9,46728 x 1011 metri x 2 = 1, 893456 x 1012 total metre of space and of time

The computation absolute is indifferent to the unit of measurementand then we can obtain the same result with different essences.

From: S = m x t
The earth work 6 x 1024 Kg x 31.557.600 sec = 1, 893456 x 1032 Kg sec

Total work

Dividing these two relative values, I have obtained the measure absolute.

1, 893456 x 1032 Kg sec./1, 893456 x 1012 metri = 1020 Kg sec/m

It is the first confirmation.

From this calculation, I have understood that the life is only realizable on harmonic planets.

The Minimum Hypothesis of the Creation in the Void

It is another hypothesis on the creation, it is not still sufficient to justify it.
Conclusion The minimum model consider the amplification of the matter, unfolding the origin of the creation.
The model is however still incomplete.
In fact, it does not explain how the formation of the isolated infinites with of the universal dimensions are happened.
It is missing still an element to codify all the creation.

Second Tome
The Creator

The Math by Infinite Orders

“It is Math by Infinite Orders the qualification and the quantification of the infinites relativing"

Then it is the math that it quantifies the entities that they are self generated in self.

The Infinite Order

Contemporarily, the infinite order is the unitary measure and the maximum measure of the system.

The Experience with the Two Guns

The two guns are been charged with the same explosive quantity and it is sufficient to produce an infinite work.
In a weapon is been placed an ogive and in the other two.
Which has weapon more power of destruction?


The gun with an ogive will discharge on the target an infinite work.
Instead, the other weapon has two ogives and the explosive detonating, it has transferred to both an infinite work.

There are only two possibility...

One possibility considers that both the ogives received an infinite work.
Then, target will be knocked two times with an infinite work: then it received two infinite values of energy in total.
The other possibility considers that the explosive energy cannot to give to the target a superior energy at generated work and then the two ogives must divide in two the energy, so transferring the half infinite for everyone.
If it is not accept the possibility of computation with the infinite values, it is impossible to have a solution of this problem.

The Measurement Unit: the Infinite Order Value (V.O.I.)

The infinite order number in total, that the system has produced, corresponds at the total work unrolled.
Example: the step is the order of a walker, the number of steps is the number of Infinite Order Value (V.O.I.) that the system has produced.
To quantize a relative infinite; the Infinite Order Value must possess more bases.
The Number Base It is the numerical base that every value has.
The Order Base It is the measurement unit of the system and it is its maximum value.
The Infinite Base It is the quantification of the dynamics capacity of the system and it indicates the calculus of the amplification that self generate in self.
The Temporal Base It is the time period that it determines the temporal space of the cycle.

General writing …


n: it is the orders quantity produced from the system.
a: it is temporal base.
x: it is the order base.
(f): the function with the variable “y" forms the infinite base.
y: it is the numerical value or the mathematics function that it quantifies the system amplification. Example: (f) y = (x) 2, it indicates that it doubles the number of order at cycle.

The Age It indicates the time that the system is in being and it is the product between "n" and "to"

The Infinite Orders Physics

"It is Physics of Infinite Orders the study of the expression and of the measure of the open systems or isolated systems that they use the Infinite Orders as the unit of self and they self multiply with an repeatable method then they are eternal"

Then it is the study of the maximum entity of the created cosmos: the universes.

The Infinite Orders System Principle

The Presupposition

The environment is in stasis.
It must exist energy dipole, that it is an ambient element, in an instability state in self.
The third element is the First Cause that it determines the activation of the system.

The Starting

The first cause is the outside third material element and it is the catalyst, for randomness spatial, it interacts with the dipole and it is produces the starting energy.

There are three possible interactions...

The first cause gives the starting energy.
The dipole gives the starting energy and the First Cause starts only the reaction, acting as catalyst.
The first cause is half dipole of the system; the union forms the dipole, that it being unstable, it gives the starting energy.

The Work

The first cause has more destinies...

It do not participate at the system life, exhausting its function after the canalization.
It becomes the accumulator of the system.
It becomes part of the dipole, doing, with the counterpart, the function of amplifier and of accumulator.
The accumulator is coolant of the system.
The system can use in coupling with a coolant environment.

The Thermic Cycle

It is characterized with these three constitutive phases …


The dipole has the function of amplifier it is the effect-cause-effect of self.
The accumulator has the inertial function; it is the cause-effect.

The cycle…

Load The accumulator, that it has the inertial function (causes), gives its energy at the dipole to amplify (effect).
Amplification The inertial energy accumulates in the system (effect), it is (cause) absorbed from the dipole, which it produces the amplification (effect).
Unload It is obtained unload of major energy of the value in entry and increasing the inertial energy and the enthalpy level of the system.

The infinite order of the system is the energy value of starting.

To complete ...

Satellite inertia: it is the cycle effect previous.
First cause: it is half cause with accumulated enthalpy.
Satellite inertia: it is half cause with the first cause.
Amplification: it is the effect of the first cause plus accumulated enthalpy.

It is equal at the given energy from the first cause or from the starting energy supplied from the dipole when the stasis is ceased.
The thermic yield is always in self with a positive yield: because the system is the purpose of its work.
The system increases in function of the amplifier nature and of the environment.

The Thermic Cycle


A Vero (True) don’t work in self
Energia in entrata = Energy in entry
Energia in uscita = Energy in going out
Spazio-tempo in stasi: il refrigerante cosmico = Space-time in stasis: the cosmic coolant
He must use a coolant that it consents unloading of the discard energy, canning to obtain in being a thermic cycle
The Vero interacts with the space-time in stasis

The Creation

It contains the six phases of the creation and the purpose of the metaphysics.

1) The None Possible
The pre-event phase: the stasis
2) The Void
The Event Phase: The Chaos
3) The True-Void
The Mutation Phase: The Pre-Order
4) The True
The Starting Phase: the Birth
5) The True-God
SSystem at Regime: The Order
6) The Trues-Relativing
Universal Phase: the Eden

Third Tome
The Created

The Sex Education Principles

"It is Sex Education the ethics-moral education with the purpose to transmit the voluntary control of the reproductive activity, it is the unique inalienable animal expression of the being, with the purpose of not to be command and instead of directing in right mode the "sexed beast" in all we it is present"

It is important to understand better to generate the robots at image and human likeness and the pure nature of the sexuality, hidden truth for ignorance, for political motivations and for power motivations.

The Creative Math

"It is Creative Maths the computation of the idea and it is the interface between the numerical logical and the manifestation essential ideological"

The Compressors of the Information in Nature

LThe other aspect at advantage of the idea is that it is of the natural data processing compressors.
The idea is information, that in comparison with the data, it is much heavier and to parity of engaged memory, it is possible to store information number greater: it is this central advantage, that it do estimable the ideal thought.

The Difference

To do discern a machine, it is necessary to give also the creative thought, this to interact with the void or with the unreal entity.
A logical elaborate, in this environment, it is profit to pilot an intellectual process that it is based only on the absence.
It is a form of creative thought a few interact with the environment, because only considering the absence, it is not profit from alone, without to use a logical computation, changing the abstract difference in a concrete sum.

The Creative Computations

The creative math is profit to make the ideal computation, for the ideas generation and for its use practical in the ideal speculation.

The Creative Number

The writing of the idea is composed of two elements: the attribute and the essence.

"It is Idea the result of creative computations, that they let the classification for common quality and the recognition for essence"

"It is Attribute the quality part of the idea"


Hot (attribute) dog (essence)
Black (attribute) mail (essence)

In the languages the positions can vary, also if in the Italian language uses the first the essence and then the attribute.

Example of Creative Computation


It is an example of creative computation by folly.

The Linguistics Math

"It is Linguistics Math the computation, which it interacts between the reality and the abstractionism and this last with the tangible, and then it is the transformation from the numbers in action and from the act in the numbers"

The Temporal Equation

The language for the artificial thinker of the future will be opportunely conceived it.
The variable is the temporal moment, which a computation must be performed, it must be well-known before to extend the act of the machine in the time.
The temporal delivery is written after the action between parenthesis: it is possible to create a temporal equation that it manages the happen.
The temporal equation is the differential algorithm or the decision algorithm seen from the other side of its reality.


((((action A)[13.14], (action B)[ action A], (action C)[after 30 min.])[within 60 min.], (starting process)[Monday], (stop process))[Saturday])[indifferent].

Linguistic meaning…

The action A to do at 13, 14, ended it to do the action B and the action C start at 13, 44; all actions A, B, C must be ended at 14, 14 and the process is all days from Monday to Saturday.

The Decisional Algorithm

The decisional algorithms is profit to make the logical computation, for the generation of concrete choices by an practical use in the solution of a problem.

"It is Decision Algorithm a mathematics procedure fixed, which it has the function to let at a thinker to do a considered choice; it is extracted from the altruistic experience or deduced ideally always with reference to the pratique"

Example of Decisional Algorithm

The Politics

Substantially, it is similar to a relative decision, only that politics is the opposite.
In fact, it does not look for the uniqueness essence of a means to obtain a purpose, but all the essences of the variegated means to obtain always the same purpose: all empire roads go to Rome.

En = entity
Ev = event
I = idea
At = attribute

Decisional Algorithm The Politics Status “Parameter” “En”(i); (((“Ev 1” or “En 1”) to do (“Ev 2” or “En 2”) by means (“Ev 3” or “En 3”)) Status “Parameter”))[bygones], ((if (“Parameter “En”(i) = “At” “En 5”(i)), ((“Ev 1” or “En 1”) to do (“Ev 2” or “En 2”) by means (“Ev 3” or “En 3”)) Status (“At”), (if (I Status <> “At”), (different politics))[present]
Decisional Result The Politics Status “Rome” “capital”(i); (((“Ev 1” or “wayfarer”) to do (“to walk” or “En 2”) by means (“Ev 3” or “all roads”)) Status (“Rome”))[bygones], ((if (“Rome” “capital”(i) = “Paris” “capital”(i), (“Ev 1” or “wayfarer”) to do (“to walk” or “En 2”) by means (“Ev 3” or “all roads”) Status (“Paris”)), (if (I Status <> “Paris”), (different politics))[ present]

The Differential Algorithms

The differential algorithms is profit to make the ideal computation, for the generation of the ideas and for its use practical in the ideal speculation.

"It is Differential Algorithm a mathematics procedure fixed, which it has the function to let at a thinker to do a considered ideological creative choice, it is extracted from the altruistic experience or deduced ideally always with reference to the pratique"

Example of Differential Algorithm

The Folly

It is the creative sum and it is the generation of the mad idea that it is thing, which there is not it.
f = folly

Differential Algorithm Computation by folly; ("entity 1" (f) “entity 2" = " entity 1 e entity 2")[indifferent]
Differential Result Computation by folly; ("black" (f) “mail" = "blackmail")[indifferent]

Void - I Interact

The Example

The first passage linguistic is to do identical the ideal void with the reality, the spatial position where our desires can be ended. After, it does the directed passage from the Status to the Zeus, of the agent act and from the Zeus to the Status to verify the act done.

A Robot is in the park and its owner orders: “In house, to take the moneys now and after to be here”.

The thinker must do

Ideal Status
Void: to be in home
I: to take a moneys

Real Status
Void: to be in park
I: to entertain the owner

Having different conditions, the thinker actives self to determine an right act with the purpose to obtain the equality between the idea and the reality (interact void - I), that consequently, it produces the stasis of the robot when it has obtained the purpose.
The robot will go in that space area, where the senses give the internal vision of the house and it will take the moneys, using the same procedure.
REV = Interact Void - I
Obtained the REV equality, it has obtained a new ideal condition.

Ideal Status
Void: to be in the park
(o) = creative computation is meaning of the opposite action.
I: (o)to go

Now the equality is not exact, it determine the new work cycle.

(E.C.Z.) The Zeus’s Creative Hexagon

It was a method it used from the ancient priests of the Zeus religion.
Its function is been understood from the use posthumous, from the chat of the conquering barbarian and from the theological imposition from the Italic religion: I only can to understand that it was used to verify if a postulate was in harmony with the God’s Will.
The method has been invented by a “Pure Genius" and it is based on the fact that God, being the Perfect Essence, He cannot be ever in contradiction with Self.

Postulate Example From Verifying


Thought From Verifying
It can fly (1)
The bird (2)
By wings (3)
That it is flaping (4)
From the bird (5)
Fa = (does)

Partial Example Of The Use


First result
2 The bird, 3 by wings, 5 from the bird, 1(To do that) It can fly, 4 that it is flapping.
Second result
2 The bird, 4 that it is flapping, 1 It can fly, 5 from the bird (does), 3 by wings.
Third result
1 It can fly, 4 that it is flapping, 2 the bird, 3 by wings, 5 from the bird (does).

The Cleverness Types

The cleverness can be logical or creative, it exists also other two forms.

A thief evading all the anti-theft, it breaks open the safe of a bank and he escape with the booty..
he has used the cleverness thickness..
The next day, he is in a pub and the police make a raid; the commander looks at all people and he says: “they are all the good persons, but that person is not it“, then the police capture him.
He has used the cleverness height.

The cleverness thickness uses the power of the brain while the cleverness height uses the experiences.

The Sensory Homicidal Conditions of a Thinker

The sensory perception influence the modes to behave and they are divided in...

By Vision
By Skin

The sensory specialization is double, in entry (perception) and in going out (action), and the second, it is the known part from the official science.
The total of the sensory personality are: 6 x 6 = 36.

The Sexed Homicidal Instinctive Conditions of a Thinker

They are divided for sexual typology influencing the visual of the reality and the response at the stimulus.

At Female

She begins with logical reading of the absolute sensory information expression of the void, after she has the creative reading of the relative sensory information expression of the many I, producing a final elaborate which it considers in creative mode the full essences ( the various present I, that they are the preys ) and they are placed in logical mode in the void (which they are the positions of the preys in the space and in the time), considering in logical mode the interact void and I, obtaining, as response, the control of many I (preys) in motion

At Male

To omit it...

The Feed Homicidal Character Conditions of a Thinker

They are divided for typology of feed predatory specialization, influencing the visual of the reality and the responses at the stimulus. They are different the modalities for use of the senses in operation of the void and I.

These are...

Catcher (herbivorous)

It begins with the logical reading of the void with the relative sensory information, after it is produced the creative reading of the full essences with the absolute sensory information. It is produced a final elaborate that it considers in logical mode the void (the motions in the void) as if it would be a full essence, many I are placed as the void in creative mode in a full space (recognitions of the positions of the vegetables or of the predatory), considering in logical mode the interact between void and I, obtaining as response, the control of many I (preys) in stasis.

Predator Catcher (herbivorous changed in carnivore)

To omit it...

Invisible Predator (it uses the mimesis)

To omit it...

Pure Predator (carnivore)

To omit it...

The Virtual Life

The only parameter lets to produce this work is the nothing acquaintance.
It is the study, to generate of the machines that they imitate the animal or human behaviour, which they have image and likeness of these.

The Machine

"It is Robot an electrical-mechanic system and data processing system with the primary characteristic that it do not necessitate before to know the acquaintance of its work method, an robotic system uses the Infinite Orders System principle and it is possible, for this motivation, to generate a artificial thinker with an intelligence quotient that it goes toward the infinite value, its development is based on the Involution Principle, then it is established on the "laziness", then with the continuous reduction of a specific effort and exalting the specialization of the parts, the method lets to obtain a artificial "Beast" at image and likeness of animal or of human"

The Involution Principle

It is principle used in nature to produce the evolution.

It is more primitive then more it is been evolved

It can seem a paradox and instead it is the base of evolutionary principle for all living essences: to obtain an evolution is necessary to produce a defect.
The method lets the eternal evolution: because it is always possible to generate a defect.
Example: in fact, the drugs produce the intellectual amplifications, reducing the intellective virtues.

Gossip between two friends .

Reveal you me as you do to win every musical concourse?
Taking a drug so I play better the music,
Which is the effect?
It is easy, it does me blind for a week!

The Method is Zeus

The method is impossible to realize with the cultural parameter of today.
At the new world, it was born from the victory of the barbarians, it is been negated at them the future and they will be remaining in the suffering of the theirs deformity.
It is thus, because Theodosius imperator has closed the Pythagorean schools and he has eliminated the pure metaphysics from the knowledge so today it is unknown.
The immortality manifestations are the ideas of base and they are the Zeus.
Applying the rules of the creation, it is possible to produce all the possible essences.
The modern Pythagorean metaphysician does a work that today it is inconceivable and impossible: he constructs everything things what he wants without to have necessity of none means and in the ignorance, producing the essence of the means essence from caused elements to obtain an effect.
The relativist produces the machine about the task: starting from the effect and he produces an agent that it has the action as means.
Using the immortality Statuses are possible to put together a flow diagram, which represents our essence condition.

The Purpose

"It is Connection the first virtue to obtain a real life or artificial life; it is the attainment of the comprehension of the obtained information by the sensory means, to obtain a material utility purpose in harmony with the void"

The Thinker of "6" Order

The Logical Thinker

To produce a thinker of minimal order, it must use six units that working in contemporary, they analyse the six existence Statuses.

The Unconscious

Absolute C.A.R. (Cpu, Alu, Ram)
“It is the robot because it is not the robot”

The Absolute Zeus is the void of the robot, the archetype of this: then it is the machine essence. It is the machine instinct: the expression of the appointment and of the means in self.

Material C.A.R.
”It is the robot because it is outside the robot"

It is the outside the thinker, then it is its body. This part has the competence to the control of all body, excluding the sensory experience.

The Conscious

True C.A.R.
”“It is the robot because it is the robot”

It is the conscious of the robot
It is the CAR that have the childish and decisional algorithms, and the experiences analysis algorithms.

C.A.R. from Outside
”It is the the robot by cause of another being”

This administers the character and the knowledge

C.A.R. Relativing
”It is the robot because it is unique robot”

This administers the sensory experience.

Dynamic C.A.R.
”It is the robot because it is expanding self”

It is the CAR that it lets at the robot to think.

The Creative Thinker

The logical does all different and it doesn't recognize the equalities and the creativity does all equals and it doesn't recognize the differences.
The creative thinker does the same functions like the logician but the creative thinker by the experiences deduces the logic of outside essences or environment.

The Three-Phase Thinker

The three-phase thinker is the logical consequence of the other two thinkers.
The two thinkers must to work coupled, in fact, they form the dipole to synthesize the reality and to obtain an ideal work, without relative capacity, to have a dynamic effect, so being cause of self, it is necessary an third element that it supports the infinite measure of the system by the eternity of the void: then it is the bridge between the inside and the outside of essence.

The Three-Phase Thought

The Logic is the Irrational
The Creativity is the Essentiality
The Three-Phase Essence Is Connection

The Discernment Computation

It is the balance between the ideal information and real information, such balance determines the discernment.


[Five(to be) + pears(to be)](Idea) = [five pears(to be)](sensory experience)

It is necessary to have before the ideal information from the upbringing if it wants to obtain the discernment.
Then it is necessary to know before the value “five” and the “pear" essence after from the sensory experience, it has the confirmation of the presence of the five pears.

The Connection Computation

Substantially it is the mathematic opposite of the discernment to obtain the confirmation of the previous elaborate.
It is the three-phase value and it is the numerical agent.

Esempio …

[Five pears(to be)](sensory experience) = [five(to be) + pears(to be)](Idea)

The Animal Order Thinker Structure (The 666)


Logico = Logical Thinker
Creativo = Creative Thinker
Corpo = Body
Trifasico = Three-Phase Thinker
Sensi = Senses

Beyond Human


Logico = Logical Thinker Creativo = Creative Thinker Trifasico = Three-Phase Thinker Corpo = Body Sensi = Senses Logico dell’US= Beyond Human Logic Thinker Creativo dell’US = Beyond Human Creative Thinker Trifasico dell’US = Beyond Human Three-Phase Thinker

Lo State

The territory is been divided in nature, with the various animal species that they act singly like the entrepreneurs. then it is more efficient the state that it helped the citizens in the recovery of the resources that after these are changed in consumption wells, so the raw materials and the energy are in communion and to buy them at more low cost, pushing in important mode, the entrepreneurial impulse and the jobs. this is the form of State to Communism of Capital.
It is other fundamental introduction to guarantee the death. Every material well has a deadline date, producing a recycling of the material wells and then guaranteeing a minimum base to jobs and the technological recycling. The coupling of the material wells with of the insurance product or with the saving determine the survival time of the material well. It is true that the method increases the prices of material wells, however with its demolition, the citizen embeds the spent capital, from the saving or from the assurance, leting its repurchase, then in theory a product is bought an only time. Obviously, the method has its constitutive limits, produced from the economic environment, then the control of this procedure, it is only possible and it determinates in its use from the state to avoid the damages to economy balance.

The Unethical Religion

"It is Unethical Person the Maintenance of the Moral Indifference and Agent Indifference to obtain of the Maximum Doing In Well or for an Utility Status, that it is been conformed itself by Study of the Action and of the Zeus to the Purpose to Obtain the Better Connection between the Inside and the Outside of the Being"

A Unethical Story Really Happened

An day, many time ago, it wants to do to stone a woman.
Who use the ethics to avoid the condemnation; he would have used argumentations on the advantages of the well and because it is not must to do the evil.
Instead, the unethical person resolves in creative form, conditioning the void and he said: “Who has never sinned, he launches the first stone!”
So the woman was been saved.

Then the Unethical Religion is a form of ancient religiosity and the same disciples of the first unethical man in the story was opposed themselves against of him and he was been betrayed from them.

The Exact Religion

“A“The Holiness doesn't exist outside the Pure Thought"
(21 April 2757 d.R.)

"It is Unethical Religion the cogitate by a creative discernment and logical discernment, that it lets the maximum connection from the visual to the inside and outside of the void and the qualification of the essences and the quantification of the action, in operation of the profit and of the damage of the weapon (means), in coupling to the advantages and the disadvantages of the Zeus effect, leting the identification of the right ethic act in the present, in the future and in the contained environment"

The Destiny

The Unethical Religion Is the Unconditioned Freedom of the Humans in Such Meaning the Pure Thought Can Only to Confirm, With Proof, the Message of Christ.
It is not the Zeus of God (God’s Will) that it Does the Universe and the Destiny of Contained Human and then the Unethical Person Doesn't Believe to the Message of Christ: He Knows that It Is The Truth!


"It is Doing the profit of the action: the maximum benefit with the minimum negative collateral effects."

The ignorance is the agent that it eliminates the Doing of the well and it doesn't let of avoiding the evil.
The well is not an absolute entity, but the expression relativing of a profit, which it is identifiable by its Doing.
When the action and the means do not obtain the purpose, they are useless, then the theirs validity is measurable with the yield of the Doing.
The means and the action are not the elements that they let the ethics evaluation of an agent. These are neutral elements and they do not contain in self the well the evil to pass, then they are not moral interest.
The purpose determines the ethic value and the obtained effect in mode direct or reflex, it contains in self only the story of the action, of the means and of the agent.
In the purpose is contained the advantage and the collateral damage of the action. It is possible for an unethical person the act that it produces a greater advantage in comparison with the damage, and then it does not correspond to the Machiavellian moral that it considered the benefit purpose the more important thing in the indifference of the cost or of the sequential damage.

The Cycle of the Beyond and of Earthly (C.U.T.)

Earthly cycle: Predatory phase, the Load

Terrestrial body: hot source
True-Relativing (Soul): transformer bridge
Light body (Beyond body): cold source and accumulator

Beyond Cycle: Eating Self Phase, the Digestion

Terrestrial body: absentee
True-Relativing (Soul): cold source and the digestive part
Light body (Beyond body): hot source

The Dome

It is possible that with the time, it was been formed a structure of beyond world, commanded it from the more illuminate souls.
Ci sono le leggende, i miti, le organizzazioni religiose ed altro misterioso, che sono nell'accordo di questa tesi.
Such possibility to put in being the entity, I have called it "the Dome".
It is the Dome, the Central Power of the Beyond World
The dominion can be only maintained from the more illuminated or from a congregation of these: what also the more probable hypothesis.
He Is the More Illuminated Soul: God.

The Action Typology

Unethical.“It is the well because it is outside the well”. It is the neutral act that produces the well as Zeus effect. It is materially the well. It is the action with the yield maximum and persistence in the time, because the work of the agent is discharged in the void, which producing a reflection, it has a more energy of return in comparison at the invested energy. It has the disadvantage sometime is necessary an onerous investment.
Ethic or Well“It is the well because it is the well” It is the improvement of the existing wellbeing to the agent, of anyone or of the void. It is the pure well. It has a beneficent efficiency proportional to the unrolled work. Its effect is ended when the ethic work is finish. The yield of the action is proportional to the well done.
Subtraction.“It is the well by cause of another being” It is the elimination by the selection of the opposite condition. It is the well for latency with the void. It has a few efficiency to produce the wellbeing, that it will evolve in much long times and it will protraction in the future. The yield for the environment in well is the maximum, because the energy investment is null, because it uses the balance of pre-existent force, then it happens itself in automatic mode.
Martyrdom.“It is the well because it is expanding self” It is a malignant action for the agent that it determines a benefit of other anyone or of the void. It is a variation of the evil to altruistic purpose that it is expressed at contrary from custom: it is damage to self, instead that for other anyone, enjoining own will with always a violent act. Then it is a few error because in operation of the superior Doing. It is the well for expansion. It has a good efficiency to produce the wellbeing, which it is evolved itself in the immediate or in dilated times when it is exploited the reflection. Its effect is lasting or fleeting in relation at the ambient response. The yield of the action would be very low; in fact, the agent investing all self, the starting is for the martyr with very high cost.
Evil.“It is the well because it is unique well” It is the benefit for the agent and it determines a loss at other anyone or at the void. It is the well relativing to only the caused agent. The useful yield for the evil is equal to the subtracted wells and it is in operation of the used action. In the long term the yield of the evil is infinitesimal because it induces the self-selection.
Illusory-Well.“It is the well because it is not the well” The action is thought to determine the recognition to the agent the improper qualification of benefactor, from other anyone or from the void. It is an absolute well then it is only ideal. The action is deceitful, it is indifferent to the effect, producing the well or the evil as the direct and reflex effect. The efficaciousness and the protraction of the effect is lasting or fleeting in relation the ambient response. The yield and the quality of the action are random because before it do not known them at the agent.

The Stairway to Heaven

In Earth

IThe Dynamic Triangle

The laws that they determine the dynamism, they use the bipolar elements in triple environment.
Exploiting the usual rules of the cosmos, it is been developed a triangle, which it is compound by energy dipoles.


IN-SA = intelligenza, sapere = cleverness, knowledge
AD-CR = adattamento, critica = adaptation, criticism
CO-AZ = controllo, azione = control, action

The Dipole IN-SA is compound, as the other two, from one ideal element, knowledge that it is the ideal quantitative value and the cleverness that it is the real qualitative value, with the purpose of producing an amplified effect.
The Dipole AD-CR is compound with the adaptation that it is the real quantitative value and the criticism that it is the ideal qualitative value. The evolution-selection dipole regulates the adaptation and it is a consequence of the previous dipole too.
The Dipole CO-AZ is compound with the action that it is real qualitative value and the control that it is ideal quantitative value. These are the natural consequence of the other two dipoles, in this case has self-amplification too.

The Zeus Technique

The well is not only judgment and it is chiefly to be.
This type of research is necessary to examine which is the purpose and how it is can be got it.
It Is the Invincibility, the Purpose of the Religious Message.
In practice, it is necessary to create the presuppositions for the infinite action, that it is limited in an interval by the natural boundaries of the terrestrial life.

"It is Minimum Work the point of a thermodynamic system, where the relative expression is equivalent to absolute expression, then the consumed energy is equal at the passive resistance of the system without the resistance of fluid where the system is inside"

"It is Immortal Act the conquest of the capacity to do endless a work cycle, obtaining for reflex the cancellation of the time for the agent and obtaining so in virtual mode an eternal action"

"It Is Zeus Act or Lightning Act to omit it...

"It Is Zeus Point to omit it...

The Lightning Act

It is a technique to produce extreme actions for tight times: the hypothesis is that this technique was used by the Roman legionaries.

In Haven

The Moral Indifference

"It is Indifference Moral the capacity to have a neutral behaviour in relation of the outside of self.

The unethical person has a neutral behaviour in relation at the reality and he receives every evil and every well reacting in mode own with every element.
The love is ethic for the purpose that justifies it and by continuous confirmations.
the friendship is unethical love and it exists in self as reflection of the other anyone love.

The love is a sentimental force, as such, it is the agent indifferent for the well and for the evil: to kill the enemy for the love of my fatherland.
The unethical thought affirms the uselessness of traditional ethic principle, eliminating millenarian research of the well and exalting the neutrality of the act.
The act is the well in self, as generative element, determining always a concrete profit.
A negative experience is the well in its admonitions, decreeing the right condition of every action.
The unethical solution is possible because in every condition it is the means of the well, being the neutral weapon, then it is indifferent to the whims of the Fate, adopting voluntarily the action that it is more practical and advantageous.
The accentuation of the evil has value to generate the well derived from the act.
The unethical person considers the doing, choosing the action with more profit.
Who doesn't arrest the murderer, he is implicated and culprit of his future homicides.

The Levels from the Evil toward the Well

The Illusory-Well
The Evil
The Martyrdom
The Subtraction
The Well
The Unethical Act

The Essential Principle of the Unethical Church

The Essential Principles

The church must have these essential principles.


The Foresight Metaphysics

The Foresight Metaphysics lets of knowledge in advance the future by a mathematic method.
It was certainly the used part of this science and the force point of the personality as Nostradamus.
It is a dark science and who knows it, difficultly he shares it with other.
I have made a little passage in this environment, confirming some known things and telling something again.
The foresight has with base a symbolic agreement, abstracting from the equal void for every humans and it transmits an allegoric message, recoverable in theirs meaning of linguistic by theirs meaning of technical in the metaphysics acquaintance.
Who transmits this messages are ever the authors of a work or of a historic fact and extraordinarily also the void, it is this last aspect that it exceeds beyond allowed right from the Pure Thought.

Example …

The result of the prophecy is the computation of the year in which will be Judgment Day …

After One Hundred Twenty Three Lustri from the Advent of the Truth
After a Thousand and Not Two Thousand Years from the Last Prophet
After Six Hundred Sixty Six Lustri from Foundation of the Holy City
The Cry of the Three Beasts Will Freeze the Earth Planet

Lustro is equal at time period of five years.

123 x 5 + 1962 = 2577 year
570 + 2000 = 2570 year
666 x 5 - 753 = 2577 year

The Cheope Enigma

Some examples…

The Measure of the Earth Orbit

The perimeter of the base represents the earth orbit and it is one thousand millions, more little

9,46728 x 1011 metres / = 946,728 metres
Error ==> (1 – 920 perimeter/946,728) x 100 = 2, 8 %

The Light Speed

The real pyramid does reference to its virtual perfect, then amplifying it per one thousand millions, it obtains another ideal pyramid; the result is a value that it contains the speed of the light in operation of the creation power inside the absolute void that it expresses in the relative void, which it is the half of the first, by the metaphysical computations, revealing that the ancient Egyptians had the contained acquaintance in this book too and today unknown it.
The perfect pyramid has the side of base, that it is equal at the height

The computation of volume:

V = (230 x 109)3/3 = 4, 055 (6) x 1033 = C4/2

The End of the Beast Power

The Bible gives the time of the beast government, which it is possible to be identified with the big whore that he sell God to the powerful of the earth.
This date identifies the end of the times, it is indicated also from the American peoples of the south continent with the year 2012 after Christ; the Saint Malacchia Jesuit foresight tells the end of the Roman papacy in the same year.
The Bible always uses only information to produce more messages, then it must to change the temporal duration that it is forty two months.

42 x 30 + 753 = 2013 year