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ns. commento all'articolo sotto riportato: 13-2-2013 che riteniamo di interesse

Precisiamo che l'assioma rosa rossa -. comunismo è del tutto errato questo simbolo è stato adottato dai socialisti italiani che come noto erano tutto fuorché comunisti

We specify that the red pink equation - communism is an error in fact this symbol you/he/she has been adopted by the Italian socialists that as known they were everything except communist. Then The freemasonry has been inside since the beginning to the capitalistic system and today it is still tied up to the circles of power in the western countries. What I/you/he/she am able to enter it the freemasonry with the communism he/she is not understood. while he/she is being understood that the fascism used the struggle "to the freemasonry" to build a totalitarian reactionary system.

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