Countermeasure Success Log

December 25, 2000


This page is to record successes of countermeasures for psycho-electronic attacks. The credibility of the reports rests with the person making the reports. It must be kept in mind that short term successes stand a very good chance of being decoys used by the perpetrators to keep our group in a state of confusion.

The fact that any countermeasures work long term does NOT indicate that simple "microwave" or "acoustic" or "ELF" signals are the only ones in use on us. The reason is this: The CLASSIFIED signals MUST "dump their load" in or on us, in THIS three-dimensional familiar world, in order to work.

It is at the point of "dumping" that countermeasures work, if in fact they do work. A countermeasure must perform a neutralizing in-body counter -effect, since all observations are that the classified delivery signals themselves bypass all known shielding.

In order to register a success on this page, please email me with the 
following information:
- Your real name and permission to share your information with the group
- Description of countermeasure
- Date on which you started using the countermeasure
- Statement as to which symptoms are countered, and a rough guess as
  to percent effectiveness
- As time passes, updates to the information above including periods
  of failure
This applies to victims other than the originator who also try the same 
1.  BLANCHE CHAVOUSTIE - Use of magnets attached to a blanket with 
    the North poles facing the body.
    Started summer 2000
    Mainly allows refreshing sleep.  ALSO in Blanche's case allows
    her DOG to be more comfortable.  Remember that Ed Light's dog
    was tortured until she died; the perps are known for their 
    torture of victims' children and pets.
    Effectiveness:   Estimated at 100% - Blanche's comments follow:
    The magnets are very effective.  As I told you I made them
    twice as strong as they were but that meant moving the
    ones that  had been on the other half of the bed  onto my
    side and stacking them.  Consequently, my husband had
    no magnets for these last few days and I did.  This morning
    Matthew got up and I said,  Just go back and try my magnets.
    Sure enough he fell sound asleep and stayed there for an hour 
    and a half.  Grace is still trying to get a spot for herself 
    on the bed.
    I guess I would say they are 100 % effective in helping me get
    to sleep and stay asleep at a very deep level.  They DO NOT
    stop the perps, it is possible the magnets even help them
    tap into a person.  However, they definitely help me sleep
    at a very deep and restful level.
    Blanche's experience is corroborated in the book "Body Electric"
    by Dr. Robert O. Becker.  Dr. Becker found that strong magnetic
    fields could put salamanders to sleep almost instantly.
2.  FORREST THOMPSON - Use of radar absorption paint on bedroom
    Date sent:        Wed, 15 Nov 2000 14:30:45 -0800
    I have some great news for you. There is a paint
    called spraylat #z-1150 that is a copper emulsion
    based paint that shields against radio and EMF
    frequency. I bought a gallon from the company, and
    coated my bedroom with it. It blocked out all of the
    emf noise that has been plaguing me for so long.
    Please call me when you can at 415-225-5850 so I can
    fill you in with all of the details. At last a weapon
    aginst the perps !
    Forrest Thompson
3.  RONALD KRAYMARZ - Loop of coppper tubing (a "shading
    ring") around front of torso (closed loop)
    My success using the copper coil started around July, 1999.
    It still relieves the harassment very well during the day, 
    at night I have to use additional countermeasures, since 
    they have to be changed often to keep them working I won't 
    mention them.  
    During the day, for the trunk of my body, it relieves 
    harassment by 80%-90%.    
    What I use first is the material referred to as space blanket.  
    I cut a piece to cover the front of my body, from below the 
    neck to the navel.  Don't wrap it completely around, just the 
    front.  For me this measures about 19"x19". 
    It goes in direct contact with the skin, I slip it under a 
    T shirt to hold it in place. After in use for  a day or two 
    it gets crumpled and looses effectiveness so change it with
    a new piece then, it's fairly inexpensive. 
    Next I use 1/4" OD (outside diameter) copper flexible tubing.  
    I buy it at the Home Depot and for a 50' coil it cost about 
    $15.  I form a coil of about 1-1/2 loops to run around the 
    perimeter of this chest area where I have the foil.  So for 
    me it is an oval shape about  11"x13".  
    That gets slipped under the shirt also over the foil.  
    Tucking the shirt in holds it in place.  It's flexible so 
    press it against the body so it is form fitting.  Under a 
    heavy shirt it is not noticeable in public.  Under a heavier 
    attack I add another coil on top of the first one to keep it 
    And that's it, very simple, placement doesn't have to be very 
    precise.   I have actually felt vibrations in that tubing when 
    they were attempting heavy attacks on me.
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